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Extreme upper arm itch
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Extreme upper arm itch

Have had extreme upper arm itch off and on for over 25 years without any resolve. Tried everything on the market.
Ice is the only thing that calms it down for awhile. Just got on this sight tonight and can see others have similar or the same problem.Been through all kinds of test without results. Going again for MRI next week. It went away for over 10 years after I stopped drinking coffee. An acupuncturist claimed there was something in the coffee bean (nothing to do with caffeine) that was aggravating the nerve endings, possibly from an old neck and head injury from years earlier.
However, it has now come back with vengeance, coming and going in waves, mostly at night. So here we go again trying to find out what is causing it. I noticed it comes at certain times of the year when the allergy season starts. Not sure if it's tied in or not. HELP

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Your symptoms are suggestive of brachioradial pruritis.It is an intense itching sensation of the arm usually between the shoulder and elbow of either or both arms. The itch can be so intense that sufferers will scratch their own skin to a bleeding condition.

The cause is not known, although there are a few lines of thought on what causes it.The only thing that seems to help most sufferers is the application of ice to the area until the itch is diminished.Other treatments include cooling lotions like those containing camphor or menthol,capsacain or local anesthetic creams,amitriptyline and gabapentin tablets and
electrical cutaneous nerve field stimulation.

Pls discuss this possibility and these options of treatment with your dermatologist.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional queries.

Do you think that the allegy season might have anything to do with aggrevating the nerve endings and causing the extreme itching? Seems to be that time of year it's intense. From spring until the very end of it. Then it calms down a bit.The cause is as baffeling as the cure. ICE is the only thing that calms it down but when your working it may be differcult for most to take that action.

I have had the same problem with upper arm itching for about 8 years. As far as I can recall, it started when we were renovating a house. I was working down on the carpet, and I remember feeling as if something bit me.
There was no mark, but it started itching like CRAZY, and hasn't ever really stopped since.
I, too, have been to several doctors and dermatologists, and they are as baffled as I am.
I went to see my Naturopath about something else, and had him take a look at my arm, even thought there is nothing to see!
Right away he said it might be a fungus, and to try coconut oil.
I have been doing that with little or no improvement, and last night was a really bad night, where I was awake scratching my arm until it was almost bleeding.
It is only in one spot, which is about a 5 inch area on my right bicep, from about two inches above my elbow, to about two inches below my shoulder.
It is worse during the night than the day.
If I scratch it enough, I will get some redness, but other than that, it is invisible.
I will try ice and camphor.
I will also stick with the coconut oil, as that can only be good for my skin, although I'm not sure that is the cure.
What do you all think?
Possible Fungus?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This condition is driving me mad especially as my GP also said that he didn't have an answer for me. I have scratched my left upper-arm until it bleeds, and like most of the others I find that night time is the worst. I tried taking anti-histamine but to no avail. Out of sheer desperation I have now started using my Comfort-Stim machine( that is used for pain) on the affected area - what the result will be I have no idea but at least it doesn't itch while the machine is operational.
Have had this awful itching of my upper arm for ten years. Now I have in the other arm also. I have trued everything that has been mentioned. A dr put me on Lyrica about 3 years. First time I was itch free. But now after getting a sever sunburn 2 months ago I have breakthrough itching and need a larger dose. But I feel like it is a miracle  drug. Only other thing that helps a little is ice. Maybe a bag of frozen vegetables held in area lol   It helps tho. I have had to get out of bed many many times for ice. Can't wear sleeves on my armed  don't like anything to touch area. I hate this so much!!
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