Fissure On penis
by newtoncir, May 19, 2010
Hi doc, I have a problem. I am concerned about herpes. Prior to my sexual last contact I have had an igg blood test that was neg for both types, and it was taken 6 months after my last exposure. In march I had oral sex and she did not exhibit any lesions on her mouth there was also grinding but no penetration . About 3 days later I get the flu and and week later I develop a small fissure on the penis that only lasts three days and clears up before I can get to my derm. About a month later the fissure reappears on a sunday and that monday I go to the derm. The fissure almost looked like a cut and stung a little. The derm was not concerned and he said that if it develops into a blister or dose not improve to come back. Than i was still worried so I went to my normal derm that Wednesday and by then the scabs had fallen off. I do have eczema and use steroid creams on my penis. I am concerned because I have no idea what is going on and my doctors seem to brush my off. Please help
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by martikadragoon, May 19, 2010
ok, to me personally it sounds like maybe you have some dry area on your penis that's drying out too much and cracking causing the fissure.

I deal with them on my feet and they heal and reappear. With herpes it generally shows as a blister that then ulcerates and won't heal for a while, scabs and starts healing but it'll also have a bit of goo coming off it (shedding the virus)

I think that your going to be alright, how about trying an oatmeal type lotion (aveno) on the fissure area after it heals, until then use some antibiotic ointment.
by 29sillygirl, May 19, 2010
Your dermatologist would look for blisters: typical of an outbreak of herpes II.
I am not familiar with an igg blood test.

Usually a definitive diagnosis is made by taking a scraping of active leison, whatever it looks like.

A herpes outbreak wouldn't clear up in 3 days.  Valtrex is the best antiviral for knocking the virus out and drying up lesions.
by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, May 21, 2010
You had got the blood test done prior to your last sexual contact and the symptoms appeared after the sexual contact. It can be due to gonorrhea, syphilis or genital herpes. The only way of ruling it out is by getting yourself tested for genital herpes. Laboratory tests include: culture of the virus, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) studies to detect virus, skin biopsy, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to test for presence of viral DNA. I sincerely advise you to consult a dermatologist and get it ruled out. Also get VDRL and culture of the discharge from the sores done to rule out gonorrhea and syphilis.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.