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Foreskin irritated, constantly
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Foreskin irritated, constantly

My last sexual contact was a year ago, when a risky female licked my scrotum and nipple.

6 weeks later,,, (Jan 1, 2006) My left nipple started tingling and burning (very much more than my imagination) During this same time I noticed two open lesions just under the head of my penis. (attached to each other and red soft scars remain today from this)I think these lessions started with two very small white bumps. As two days progressed the lessions stayed the same, however the about 60% of my foreskin became red and inflamed. It seemed to spread. I am circumcised. There was also a day or two when it was uncomfortable to urinate.

I went to a walk in clinic and the provider thought it could be Herpes, with a remote possibility of Yeast.

She prescribed Valtrex and Nystatin Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream. I used both and In about 2 weeks symptoms cleared for the most part. Since the first outbreak, I have not had such severe symptoms.

I am happy to Negative Blood Tests for Herpes (Herpeselect) HIV, Clamydia (chlamydia) etc...5 months after exposure. 11 months out I tested neg. to herpes again using herpeselect.

I still however have an ongoing problem of sensitive foreskin. (never had this in the past) There is usually a section on my foreskin that is uncomfortable and irritated. The skin looks a little more reddish in these spots, however seems to have the same texture of the rest of the foreskin.  The irritation seems to move to different spots of my foreskin (within days).   I went to another walk in clinic 3 days ago and the Dr. said it seems like yeast, and seemed to notice some fungus. He prescribed Nystatin cream (without Triamcinolone Acetonide) I did not realize at the time I had already tried Nystatin during first outbreak.  I also visited a dermatologist about this, and he basically ignored the problem after he heard i tested negative for std's at an earlier point.  He then went through a skin cancer screening (unrelated)

I obviously hope that this is just a yeast infection but really have some concerns.  The Nystatin, does not seem to help.

If what I have can be sexually transmited, I need to take that into consideration for future relationships.  Does this sound like something I can transmit?

Something is just not right down below on my foreskin. I have not dated in 9 months because of this. I dont want to transmit my situation to another person.

The 3 professionals I have visited have not seemed to adress my problem.  I live in Tampa Florida.  Do you have any ideas what this could be?

Thank you
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The description of your original problem does not match herpes.  Since your herpes blood tests were normal, it seems clear you don't have herpes.  The kind of sexual contact you had does not sound at all likely to have transmitted anything but fear.

The way you say your skin looks sounds like nothing more than irritation, or perhaps redness that belongs there but you never paid attention to before.  It does not sound like yeast.  A doctor who says things like, "it seems like yeast, and seemed to notice some fungus," clearly does not know what either one looks like.

Basically, I think you have nothing.  You should see a dermatologist who actually talks to you, tell him or her what you're afraid of, find out that you don't have it, and move on.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
My name is Kaela. My boyfriend of 3 years has an 8 year old girl with severe excema. I never knew what it was until I saw her poor skin. It would crack and bleed all the time when we used to cover her in eucerin. I used to wait until she'd been sleeping a bit and then lather more on her. Nothing ever changed. Then I was introduced to a company that only produces botanically based products. My boyfriend and his ex-wife were more than willing to try it out so we began with these few products. I am soo thoroughly impressed with her results that I buy stuff for myself and all of my family. Her cracking and bleeding went away completely after a month and you could see results in just a couple of days. She no longer was scratching in her sleep and wearing band-aides to school. If you want more information let me know I think everyone should use this on their children and themselves. They have products that are all botanically based from Baby care- Vitamins-Remidies-Acne- to Anti-aging. If you have any questions e-mail me I found tons of information. ***@**** or ***@****
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