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Grey Skin on Head of Penis
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Grey Skin on Head of Penis

About a week ago, after a rigorous sexual encounter, the
blue vein that begins at the base of my penis and snakes
upward became enlarged, and would bulge out every time I
stood up.

Soon after this, the underside of the head of my penis
became a light greyish color, and a couple of dark red
varicose veins appeared on the shaft.

My big worry here is gangrene. Is this grey skin the first
step on the road to gangrene, or is it something else
entirely? Is the grey skin a symptom of restricted blood
flow from the injured vein? Or is the grey skin supposed
to be there, and I've only now noticed it?

Thank you for your time.

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I think your last suggestion is most likely.  Generally, we don't look closely at the penis unless something draws our attention to it.  You don't get gangrene from sex, because it doesn't constrict the blood vessels.  I've certainly never seen it.  The gray color is probably a variant of normal which you've just noticed.  varicose veins are quite common on the penis.  If the skin is warm (normal skin color) you have nothing to worry about.

If you have pain, or are still in doubt, go to your doctor or a walk-in clinic.  Don't be embarrassed.  Reassurance is worth a lot.


Dr. R
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why don't you go to your doctor?  quit being a little girl and go.
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