Hard string like thing benith penis skin
by soundguy, Apr 19, 2002
I am a 39 yr old male Hetro. About two weeks ago I noticed some irritation on my penis. Upon further investigaion I noticed there was what felt like a small piece of string or even maybe fishing line that resides under the skin of my penis but above the more solid/fiberous parts. it is very small in diameter (maybe thread size). it starts about half way up my penis on the left side is maybe an inch and a half or so long when it reaches the appx. area where the skin type changes ( I am assuming where I was circumcised) it follows that curve for a few millimeters and the dissapears. When flacid it is somewhat noticable, when errect it is very visible. There is no pain associated with this, except that the skin above it is becoming quite sore from sexual activity. And also it feels quite gross to touch as it feels like there is a foriegn body between my shaft of my penis and the skin.  The skin moves freely over this area. I once had hemeroids and was really supprised at how "hard" it felt to the touch(the only comparison I can come up with). I could swear that I had this similar condition about 7 years ago (with my penis) but it seemed to just dissapear after several months. I was single then and was masterbating quite vigorously. I am now with a partner and we have been expieriancing a very active sex life (as much as several times a day). I have been thinking it is a vien but I can't see any color  like the regular veins that I can see that follow the length of the penis.
In summery,

Hard string/fiber like substance just below the surface.


Noticable to the eyes and touch when erect.
appreciably smaller when not erect, not visible to the eye but can be found by touch.

No color that can be seen.

Causing an irritation of the skin above the area from  intercourse.

No other symptoms, other than the ones that are being caused psychologically.

My partner tells me that comparatively speaking my penis gets extreemly hard when erect. Don't know if size matters or not but I am above average in that dept.

Thanks in advance.
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Apr 19, 2002
It sounds to me like the irritation you got drew your attention to the fibrous band on the underside of the penis.  Perhaps rubbing it between your fingers (or sexual activity) made it more prominent.

In any case, it hardly sounds like a disease.  If it persists for more than 2 weeks despite being left alone, have a dermatologist or urologist check it out, just so you can stop being concerned about it.


Dr. Rockoff
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by Zooz, May 06, 2002
This sounds like Mondor's cording, which I have as a result of breast surgery). It is benign and usually resolves itself.
by funwand, May 15, 2002
Hey soundguy, Did you ever figure out what it is you have?  I have almost the same thing going on.  I have what feels like a small tangle of string under the skin, and above the sponge tissue.  Most visible when errect, but also can be found by touch when flacid.
by thatguy000, Mar 28, 2009
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