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Help, losing hair!!!!!
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Help, losing hair!!!!!

Hello,  I am a 40 yr old female who begun losing hair in large amounts in January.  My hair has always been fine but now its limp and falling.  I had an iron infusion in November 2010 and my hair growth seemed to improve until mid January.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease in early january as well so my eating habits have changed--but actually for the better because I now eat a lot of meat and green veggies.  I take vits, D, E, citical, desicated liver and acidphilius daily.  I had complete cbc and full work ups and all results are normal.  Im not stressed but getting there as a result of the hair loss.  What can I do to stop the loss and increase growth???Please help!!!!
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Hey kaykris02.
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry about all your suffering.

The celiac disease is most likely the cause of the hair loss.
Your villi ( they are on the small intestinal lining and absorb nutrients) have been damaged
and it may take some time to return to normal. You may be lacking zinc or iodine
that could have a consequence the hair lose. Check my previous post in this section regarding hair loss and zinc ( and stress reduction as well).
Iodine deficiency could be related to thyroid dysfunction.
And that could result in hair loss.
It should be checked. Easiest test would be the skin patch iodine test.
Look it up for details . It's very simple.

You mentioned you take acidophilus.
I would go with a much more comprehensive prebiotic and probiotic regiment.
Considering your condition, 50 Billion + bacterial count in a minimum 5 stain- (human)
and high quality inulin-rich prebiotics.
I personally use- and my wife as well -from Progressive the HCP Symbiotic kit. It is a 3- month therapeutic program and then I will continue with just the probiotic maintenance program.
We've experienced a great improvement with our G.I. and digestive health -week 4 now-
Not sure if Progressive products are available in your area. I'm from Canada.
There are other high quality brands out there.

What has helped me with hair loss also is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO).
Internal and external use.
This is God sent, for all its healing qualities. Please take time to research this -if not familiar  already- We have replaced ALL cooking oils at home with EVCO. It is the only oil chemically stable at medium and high heats- no oxidation, no free radicals, no inflammation. It has excellent anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.
Also , I use fenucreek seed fine powder, mixed with some filtered water to a light creamy consistency-keep it overnight in a small bowl- remix with extra water in the morning
as it gets thicker and gummy, apply on my scalp, massage well and let it sit for  30 min.
I shower - use a  shower filter- and wash my hair with pure olive oil green soap- never commercial shampoos.
For conditioner, I mix coconut oil with a little warm water and massage my hair.

Hopefully you will find my suggestions helpful.
Please do your own research, before making any decisions about your health.

Post again if you have any questions or to give update.


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In your case, celiac disease can be responsible for the hair loss. Give your diet an overhaul if you're lacking vital nutrients for growth and switch to foods for healthy hair. Selenium, zinc and magnesium are some of the minerals that your hair needs and also amino acids and vitamin E will help in growing hairs. You can regularly massage scalp with oil, use protein conditioner to avoid loss and help growing, prevent exposure in hot sun etc.

If the symptoms persist then telogen effluvium needs to be ruled out.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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