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I have very oily skin
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I have very oily skin

Ok I am 16 years old and a male, I like to look nice and clean and neat, well dressed.
But there is one problem I have a big forehead so if my hair is short it look weird… so I have decided to grow my hair long about to eyes but I you can still see my eyes..
But when I wash my hair it looks good I add a little hair sprays so that my hair can stay the way I want it to go. But in about 2 hours my hair is so greasy and oily it looks like I came out of the shower.
So all day I’m at school with greasy hair and that makes my face oily to, It ***** and it’s making me not want to hang out with friends at school.
But at my house my hair is less greasy/oily but it’s only when I’m at my home I don’t produce so much oil on my hair…

So this is what I do everyday during school...

Wash my hair sometimes with conditioner.
Get out of the shower and pat my head dry. So hair is not all fuzzy.
I use a separate towel for my head. Once it is all dry I add hair spry to it, (I like to style my hair.) (My hair is straight so there are no curls or any texture)
Then im good to go felling great about myself at least for 2 hours.

So now I want to know how I decrease the oily hair. And can I still use the hair spray and if there’s a certain kind what is it?
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There is no medical condition as such which causes oiliness of the hair.I would suggest you to clean your hair frequently with a mild shampoo(you can use the ones for oily hair) and don’t apply any conditioner on the hair. Also you can shampoo twice during each wash and apply shampoo on the scalp without piling the hair on top. If the symptoms persist then a dermatologist’s evaluation will be the best.

I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
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