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I need help determining whether I have permanently damaged my under eye...
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I need help determining whether I have permanently damaged my under eyes PLEASE

Hi, im 23 years old (female), nearly 24, and I have been pulling at my eyes for about 3 years and quite a lot. I am a contact lens wearer and my eyes started producing a lot of stringy mucus because of the irritations, which I started obsessively pulling out, (turns out if I had left it alone it would have stopped producing so much) but this mucus would sometimes wrap its self around my eye and I would spend hours running my finger across my bottom and top lash areas trying to get it out, often pulling the skin down slightly to do so. Ive also recently been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and the doctors are playing around with my medication trying to get the right dosage currently. I have also been a heavy smoker of weed and normal rolling tobacco for about 5 years now, I quit about 8 months ago for 3 months and noticed improvements with my eyes, but smoked heavily for the last month again. When I smile, the 'fat bag' under the eye creases into two (only on one eye mostly though, as the line extends down further and makes it more noticeable), this is causing me a lot of stress since no one else my age seems to have any of these issues, and I worry about my appearance a lot as I am single and deadset on settling down. My friend seems to think I have puffy eyes, fluid retention under the eye, and seems to think smoking the weed caused it (I gave up again yesterday). When I touch the area under the eye its very spongy, and i'm desperate to know whether this is truly water retention, or whether I have just weakened the skin there so much that its not tight anymore. The sponginess is so much worse when I cry, but its not terrible when I haven't cried, but still bad enough to cause the creases. Is it possible to do this much damage so young? I'm desperate for answers. If anyone can help I would be very greatful. Im going to the doctors tomorrow to ask about it, but im terrified he will say its irreversible and I want to prepare myself by asking this question. Please help me!
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