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I thought they were mosquito bites. now i'm not sure???
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I thought they were mosquito bites. now i'm not sure???

So, last weekend I went to the beach and camped in a tent with 4 other people, including my boyfriend[friday night]. In the middle of the night my boyfriend said he woke up and some one had left the tent open. I didnt seem to notice to much [that i can remember] having too many bug bites. The whole time at the beach the next day[saturday] I was only somewhat itchy [typical 1-5 bug bites] However the day before yesterday[tuesday] I started to notice mostly my left arm, some right arm, and neck were getting very itchy and I had a lot of "mosquito" bites. Remembering the tent thing I dismissed it as mosquito bites. When I said something to my roomates, who were all there too, they said they had a few bites here and there but nothing compared to me. What finally convinced me that they werent mosquito bites was yesterday[wednesday] I started itching my stomach, just above my belly button. When I lifted my shirt, it was a little red from me scratching and I could feel a very very small bumb. Couldnt really see it. But I could feel it. I knew it hadnt been there since the trip. By the end of  my work day the bump had raised, and to the left of my belly button 5 others began to pop up. This morning in the shower they were bright red, and still are right now. more red then the bumps on my arms. only slightly more red then the ones on my neck. and my boyfriend who sleeps in the same bed as me everynight and he has touched my arms with the initial bump and doesnt have a spot on him. what is this !!!?!?!?!?!?
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Honestly got no clue- But again mosquitoes arent the only things that can bite out in the "wild"-

+ depending on your surrounding, it might be a allergic reaction from a plant.

Plenty of possibilities. :)

But gotta say from the look of the picture it doesnt look like anything harmful. But what do I know right? ;)

Its almost been 24/H since you posted this- How does it look now? If they havent spread further Id wait a few days and see what happens.
If they have spread (bites dont really spread) then id go see the doc.

But again not an expert on things like that. But my honest opinion is that it looks harmless.
From your symptoms the possibility of scabies is high. It is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin. Diagnosis of scabies is made by scraping the skin and viewing the material under a microscope to see the characteristic mite or eggs.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

Hi tiffi
This sounds awfully similar to my 3 year old boy.
I suppose I should have taking him to the doctor by now, but I havent as it hasnt been "as bad" of late, but still goes on.
My missus comes from Thailand and as a result he is half Thai.
Last time he was there (and I wasnt) he was attacked by red ants they have around their local village, poor boy, legs blew up like balloons, and these are only little tiny weenie ants, smaller than what you (or at least we) see over here just around the house collecting food. I was eaten alive by these things last time I was there too, but whilst it was as itchy as hell, I didnt blow up like a balloon. It all started when he was around 6 months old, seems he was bitten on the cheek by a mosquito, it was itchy as hell and of course, you cant get them to stop scratching. That spot still remains on his cheek, and others pop up now and then too, local to that. Prior to that he had exma (eczema) (Iknow, not spelled right, but easy for the purpose) so from here on in, we will call it that. The doctor said from 4 months that he has sensitive skin and we should be careful what we expose him to and put calandula cream on him regularly and that he should grow out of it. Anyway, we have a lot of mosquitos around our house, and we have two cats that I leave out side now as they are flea infested little maggots. My boy is ok if he doesnt go outside "generally" but if he does, he gets bitten by something and they all flare up. It doesnt matter what time of year, whenever he goes outside, he is going to get bitten by something (Fleas or mosquitos we suspect) and as they are itchy, he cant help himself but scratch and they end up with open sores that bleed and inevitably get infected and hang around for ages. He will come up with two or three spots everytime we let him outside, which is pretty sad but we need to let him out. We try to cover him up but he likes to sneak out sometimes with now shoes on. Honestly, he can be outside for 5 minutes and that is enough, they dont normally show until next morning. I have ruled out HIV Lesions for two reasons, I have a genetic disease called Spinocerebellar ataxia Type 7. My missus and I had to have tests before he was born to see if it had passed onto him or not and thankfully it didnt, but we have a two month old now and sadly it did. Before this birth we both had to have extensive blood tests and all came up HIV Negative (besides, I know I havent played around) so if he has it, where from?
At the end of the day. I am going to take him to the doctor, but I am concerned they are not going to take it seriously and say, well its flea or mosquito bites. It may be, but they keep popping up at or around the same area as the previous ones and they are hard bumps (*****) on the skin that all seem to have a spot in the middle like he has specifically been bitten. I am sure they would go away as quick as they come (overnight) but they itch and he has to scratch them, so they end up infected and stay for a week or so. Anyway, I wanted to post more, but all the kids are causing havoc, so I will come back,
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