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Infection of Wart on toe
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Infection of Wart on toe

I have a wart on third finger of my foot. Earlier I thought it was a corn and used corn caps. Later my physician told me that it is a wart. He administered me a skin ointment ( Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Bacitracin Zinc Ointment) and antibiotics. However in last few days, the skin around the wart has grown whitish and painful. Doc changed to administer another set of antibiotics and says that only when this infection subsides, surgical removal will be done.
Are antibiotics and zinc ointment the right medicine to administer? Is there any way other than surgical removal for treatment of wart? Why does such an infection take place - can it be because of antibiotics?
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I have never actually seen a wart get infected--and I've seen a lot of warts.  The changes you describe may inflammation, psooibly from trauma, or perhaps from the wart's getting ready to go away spontaneously.  I usually avoid surgery for warts, in favor of something less invasive, like freezing with liquid nitrogen.  Perhpas you should consider getting another opinion.


Dr. Rockoff
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