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Ingrown Hairs?
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Ingrown Hairs?

I'm not sure if my problem is ingrown hairs...

-I have shaved my body since I started growing hair
-99% sure facial/body hair was blonde like my head- now it is very dark
-I would get razor bumps pretty bad when I first started shaving. I never do now...
-(I'm an IDIOT....) I would shave in many directions and stretch my skin to get the closest shave (until I found out you should shave with the grain, which I actually heard is incorrect............)
-I smoke cigarettes VERY habitually (I thought this may be relevant because I've noticed certain patches that may have been caused from "sucking" in smoke)

-I started eating healthy
-I started exfoliating 2% saylic acid (try to do twice daily, but sometimes only once)

Ok, now heres the WEIRD stuff...
I read online that ingrown hairs can be identified as growing very close to the skin. I have a lot of these everywhere. I decided to try "rubbing" them out by pushing against the grain and when I did this, I noticed other tinier hairs growing out in random directions. I started stretching this same area (against&with the grain at the same time)- MORE HAIR EMERGED AND IT WAS GROWING IN EVEN MORE DIRECTIONS!!! I continued to do this in the same spot and more kept coming... It reduced so much tension in my face, my skin wasn't so puffy, and my beard was MUCH more "dense". This was also releasing water from my face (more came out the deeper I went.. it definitely wasn't pus either because it had no smell). I did this above, below, and on the edges of my lip, which became very full, soft and I could open my mouth much wider. (This is very gross but a little funny) The water that came out of this area smelt like cigarettes, and about 20 min later, my fire/carbon monoxide alarm went off!!! (that HAD to have been a coincidence right?!?!) The sad thing is everything has gone back to the way it was before:( I think it's because the hairs that were tugged out were actually curled towards the skin and went back in (no bumps or sign of infection though...) I do notice that my beard is a bit thicker and the edges of my mouth are a little less tense...I tried another time and I didn't have to put as much effort into rubbing; however the results didn't last as long....

Does anyone know what's going on? Any suggestions? Is it a bad idea to keep stretching my skin to get to the deeper hair? I can't see a dermatologist for THREE MONTHS! I can't wait that long!!!
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Ok I figured out exactly what's happening....
UPDATE: After I realized I was able to rub the hairs out, I decided to use the saylic acid exfoliating scrub and just keep scrubbing very small circles everywhere until they all came out. I did this for about 3 hours and my whole face felt normal. I was so happy. I thought I would have my features and animations back... About 10 min later my face started feeling tight again and was hurting a little bit. I looked in a magnifying mirror and I shipt you not the little funkers were twisting back towards the skin, puncturing, and laying flat to my skin. There're so many red "holes" in my face now (I don't think they're infected though...). WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE HELP ME.... I can't keep living like this. I seriously for the first time in about 8 years felt happy with how my skin felt. I can't wait 3 months to see a derm. Please help me.......
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