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Is it possible to have a parasite grow in your penis?
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Is it possible to have a parasite grow in your penis?

To the Dermatology Expert,

       I had a question regarding parasitic infection of the penis. Is it possible to be infected with a parasitic organism in your penis, from sexual contact with a dog?

Let me give you a highlight on what I experience now, and then take you through my history with this issue. My penis has some dark line-shaped and circular bumps that could all be scaled to the size of a pin/pin head. I've never measured them, but they'd have to be .5-1 mm long.My penis also has become much softer and stretchier since the time i believe i contracted anything. It's hard to keep an erection and seems like the skin has become looser, or above/ inflamed around my penis. I have a pretty numb penis. I dont think age is a factor in how numb my penis has become.
      I am 22 years old right now. Four years ago when with a girl, I had sexual contact with a dog. On that same weekend, I did also go ATVing. Water came up to my legs and did go into my shorts.

      One day, I left class due to sharp pain coming from my pants. I went to the bathroom and checked out the situation. The pain was from one side of the frenulum. I dont know if I saw anything that was convincing to me, although there may have been the possibility that a small object did enter my penis because i noticed a small skin change, like a drag in the skin.      

     Since then, I 've tried to continue my life the best that it can be. I've noticed small bumps that are similar to the dark pigment below my foreskin (below, as in before the foreskin- closer to the rest of my body) I pressed one the other day and alot of blood came out, considering the size of the bump.

What can I do ?

Can a dog transmit parasites from the saliva to the human penis?

Will going to a dermatologist solve my problem? How can I reveal the parasites to show my doctor? They surface once every few weeks.

I have tretinoin cream USP 0.05%. Can i try and use this for a start?

Please help me!

I notice these small bumps surfacing once, every two-four weeks. When I try to unearth anything, a small amount of blood comes out. One time I remember removing one (came out similar to a scab) and was black in color.
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