Itching Red Spots on Arms
by xdakx, May 20, 2010
As of about two weeks ago, I've been getting "patches" of "pinkish" red spots on my arms, from my wrist to my elbow, on the top of my arms only, they tend to only occur after being exposed to sunlight, and usually when the temperature outside is high, their is no swelling or 'welts' and they to lighten in colour within a few hours, but will sometimes return, when red, those areas are hot to the touch of others.

After looking through various information, I thought it could be Cholinergic urticaria (hives which are induced by your core body temp) but I've never had hives before, and my symptoms don't exactly match the symptoms listed for it.
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by martikadragoon, May 20, 2010
sounds like a fever rash, a rash that appears when you get hot and sweaty. double check with your dermatologist but try seeing what happens when you cool off.

hives/allergic reaction can happen at any time during a persons life and sometimes using anti itch (oatmeal/aveno) type lotions help.