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Itching and bumps all over except head
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Itching and bumps all over except head

Two months ago, I had bumps on my penis head and shaft, scrotum, buttocks (mostly in the crack and underwear line), wrists, hands, fingers, ankles, and toes. The bumps were red, and different sizes from pin head size to 1/4 of an inch. The bumps all itched - tremendously. At night, I itched all over, even where the bumps were't.

Because of my lifestyle, the doctor thought they looked like chigger bites, and treated me for the same. After about a month or so, they went away.

A few weeks later, my sex partner broke out with the exact same symptoms, and is being treated with antibiotic.

If I had to guess, I would say this looks more like a viral thing, but it has us worried. Can you give us a clue?

The next step, according to the physician, is a dermatologist and a biopsy.
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Could very well be scabies--infestation by the itch mite.  I agree about seeing a dermatologist, but I doubt a biopsy will be needed.  Instead, a topical application and some cleaning of sheets and bedclothes should do the trick.

Get yourself seen ASAP.  You and your partner will feel better the sooner you're seen and treated.


Dr. Rockoff

After reading this I have the feeling scabies is to blame but i dont know for sure since i have used the elimite and eurax several times and no help. You see five yrs ago, i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time, two hours after I felt buring and itching. That very night the itching was so bad. I went to see obgyn about 3 wks after, she was doing a culposcope exam and said whatever she saw was all over my groin and she told me to get neosporin ointment and rub on every time. At night the itching is very bad more so than the day. I cry at night because I can stand it (it wakes me from my sleeep) . I had folks who was vacationing and staying on a longer time and they all complained they were itching on their feet and body and rashes appeared on their skin. Me and two sisters came down with a nail infection and one said she felt as though something was crawing under of her toenail. I am so tired of the doctors because all they do is write me prescription without doing any test, when i have continuosly asked them to run tests. By the time the second or third visit they want to refer me to another doctor that specializes in gods knows what. I am fustrated and dont know where to turn. I have seen about 15 doctors already of which i have spend out of pocket more than a few thousand dollars. If there is a doctor out there who realy wants to take my case and find out what the deal is i am willing to spend $2000 so they can at least take my case seriously. Please help. I am currently on Pramosone and atarax which is not curing or helping the situation.
Oh, i forgot to mention that when i take a shower i use a rag to wash the groin area. when I am done I have severe prickly itching on my hand from my elbows to fingers. Also it feels that something is crawling on my legs and feet everwhere. I have observed this ever since the rash itching started in the groin.
I have to use a small brush to scrub my legs and hands after i wash the groin. I also sometimes have huge boils that drain in the groin area. The doctor tested this and they came up wth ecoli, which he gave me medicine for (cipro) My legs and feet have been showing bumps some are hard (very small), they dont have anything in it. I itch on my nose and eyes. sometimes there is small water like bumps very tiny on my eyelid. (very small). I have been tested for all stds several times which are all negative. I have used a host of creams 7 pills which the doctors have prescribed.

synalar ointment
cipro--twice for two wks
lamilsil- 2 tubes
lotrisone --several tubes
eurax--several tubes
elimites--everal tubes
promasone--on now
atarax--on now
zovirax (the doctor said try it anyway) it did not do anything.

Hi itchallnight!
  One thing you MUST remember to do when you use the cream for scabies, (itch mites) is to WASH THE SHEETS AND BEDDING IN HOT, HOT, HOT WATER...use bleach also if the sheets are light colored.  You must wash everything that you use this way.  If you don't...then you will continue to have problems over and over again because you are reinfecting yourself when you use these things.

Hope this helps,
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