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Itchy Groin, but no rashes
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Itchy Groin, but no rashes

For the last 12-13 years I am suffering from very itchy groin. Whenever I sweat, my groin itch a lot. Apart from having multiple sebaceous cysts, there is no other rashes and the skin color looks absolutely normal. I don't keep pubic hair to keep the area clean. If I use anti fungal powders, the itching decreases. I have visited doctors multiple times, but the medicines- FLuconazole and Miconazole based creams and tablets have not given me any relief. I tried Betnovet-M, but it gives relief for a very short period. Clotrimazole based powders relive the itching but not the clotrimazole based creams. I have tried not using soaps, but it did not help. I was given medicine for probable mite infection but it did not solve the problem, The itch is confined to groins only. To get relief I have been using clotrimazole based powders for a long time.

Health information:  
Age: 28
Height 169 cm.
Weight: 80 KG (I weighed around 58KG when the itching started, being overweight is a recent phenomena).
Eating Habit: Non Veg
Allergic to: Egg, Prawn, Eggplant (I don't eat these products)
I do sweat a lot.
I don't exercise regularly.
Sugar and blood cholesterol are normal.
Liver function normal.
Hb. Count of blood-14.5-15.5%
Platelet counts :   65000-69000  (This has always been very low but I never had any blood clotting issue for that).
I smoke and I drink (the itching predates them by 5-6 years)
Never had any physical relations (genital/anal/oral).
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I cannot confirm anything without examination but it can be due to sweat dermatitis, contact dermatitis or fungal infection. Wash daily and then dry thoroughly by pat drying, not rubbing. Also wear cotton clothes and try to be sweat free and do not share other people’s towels. Application of local antifungal cream(terbinafine, clotrimazole, econazole, ketoconazole, miconazole) and oral antifungal drugs are the mainstay of treatment. If the symptoms persist then oral antifungals may be needed. Please consult a dermatologist in that case. Also then get the possibility of lichen simplex chronicus ruled out.

I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
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unilateral itchy groin, no rash  completely normal skin asymptomatic . urge after defecation , subsided after washing with cold water . duration  1 to 2 minutes . tendency of constipation present.
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