Itchy bumps like bug bites - what is it?
by AllysonT, Feb 14, 2009
Last summer I started to notice itchy bite-like bumps appearing on my skin.  They look like normal bug bites (though my bug bites usually turn to welts), but I cannot see an entry point.  They are raised and red and usually appear in groups of two or three.  They usually only appear between my breasts and my knees, and on my arms and back, and also sometimes on my feet/ankles.  They are very itchy and unsightly.  I'm not aware of any allergies, but to be sure I have changed my deodorant, lotions, detergents, soaps, etc.  Nothing helped.  I don't see any signs of bed bugs, but I have found a flea or two in my house.  However my boyfriend (who I live with) and my cats are never itchy.  These "bites" just appear randomly, usually over night, but sometimes during the day also.  I have done research online but cannot find anything that matches my symptoms.  Do you have any suggestions as to what it could be?
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by ChrystalluvsJake, May 11, 2009
I have the same problem....I wish I know what it was....
by trippinout, May 25, 2009
I have the same thing, I also wish I knew what it was???? I get them on my arms and lower legs they itch like crazy and swell... I dont know what it is they comme in at random times and place....

by Kenny1948, Mar 30, 2012
I too have the same problem.  I have two on my upper arm near my armpit. They look like mosquito bites, but are still there after two days, and they itch intensely. Have used benadryl, but so far it hasn't helped.
by Mistymoonfire, Jun 22, 2013
To all I have the same thing and mine come on randomly and leave the same day but I itch which could cause them to look like a bite or they will bleed because I scratched them .one area evan became warm to touch I apply a little water in baking soda and pasted knee today and took benydryl hoping to relieve this but this is just a start I have been fighting this for two weeks on and off and hives sounds possible answer but its just strange and nobody else in the house is getting this so it cannot be bed bugs help needed as well going to see a dermatologist asap
by Sue195277, Jul 01, 2013
I have the same problem. Got them last summer, in the same month except those were on my lower they are on just my left knee. They take a long time to go away too. Started off with 2, then 7. They itch like mad, and no matter what I put on them, they look just as bad some 4 days later...sighs.