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Itchy/burning skin w/out allergies
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Itchy/burning skin w/out allergies

Over the last couple of months I have developed allergy like symptoms.  The skin on my face burns intermittently, sometimes lasting for minutes or as long as days.  It feels like it comes from the inside out.  Sensitive skin care products don't seem to help as teh problem does not seem to be topical.  This happens with or with makeup; inside and out of home.

The skin around my eyes also burns and itches from time to time.  This also happens with or without makeup.  It is not continuous although at times it can last awhile.  My eyes themselves are very dry and feel gritty.  They also seem sensitive to light.  

There is no rash on my face and there is no redness associated with the burning.  Occasionally I will notice that my nose is red; either just the tip or the tip through the bridge.  I don't know it until I see it.  Also, sometimes my neck and chest have red blotches.  I usually don't know this until I see them or someone points them out, although I am usually warm in the head, neck, and chest when this happens which prompts me to look. The burning seems to be independent of the redness.

My mucous membrane tissues seem to be dried out, irritated, and itchy (nose, eyes, throat, vagina).  It is quite miserable.  My nose feels as if I have inhaled bleach at times.  The outside tends to itch.  My eyes mostly itch in the corners near the nose but the lids, skin around, and inside eyes also itch.  I can hardly tolerate contacts at this point and mostly wear my glasses.

My skin throughout my body has began to itch, primarily random spots on arms and legs.  Sometimes my palms and soles of feet also itch.  There is not rash. I do have a few small blister like sores that have appeared on my chest.  They are very small and filled with clear liquid.  They are sore and last for a week or two before they dry up.  

I went through blood and ***** testing for allergies and had no reactions.  I also went through patch testing, which did reveal that I was sensitive to fragrance which was surprising because the spot itself did not itch or burn and I've never had problems in the past. Regardless, I switched to fragrance free products (makeup, shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc) and honestly it seemed to make things worse.  Now I don't know what to use as nothing brings relief.  My scalp is also now irritated and itchy.

The only medicine I am on is birth control, Ortho Novum 777.  I was on this for several years in the past but stopped in February of this year. I resumed it three months ago.  I do take a multivitamin with iron, usually daily.

I have been tested for mastocytosis (serum tryptase) and also for srogren's syndrome, both negative.  I am absolutely miserable at this point.  Please let me know if there is anything else to consider or try.

Thank you.
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Your symptoms are perplexing, highly subjective, and not reminiscent of any particular disease I can think of.  I guess your doctors are also grasping at straws, if they're testing you for such exotic diseases as mastocytosis and Sjogren's syndrome.  I apologize, but I really can't make any specific recommendations.  You ought to get other opinions, if the doctors you've already consulted don't know how to help you.


Dr. Rockoff
Perhaps lupus, given the redness on the nose and cheeks and the general impression of a systemic disorder? Although Sjogren's has been ruled out, something else rheumatological/autoimmune seems possible. Hope you find an answer.
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