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Itchy flaky scrotum
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Itchy flaky scrotum

I apologize for the long description but hope you read and can help.
I'm a 23 year old male. I have this horrible itch and skin flakiness  in only three places around my genital area. The right upper side of my scrotum right next to my penis (the largest itch and flake area), the left side of my scrotum (significantly smaller area than the right side but still itchy), and the perineum. Only the right side gets a visible layer of dead skin looking scales that itch which I can peel off that makes it feel better. The left side and perineum don't get it to this extent but I can still itch it off and dead powdery skin flakes off if this makes sense...
I'll begin where this whole thing started:
About 7 months ago my scrotum and perineum started to itch. It all started when I would have to drive a couple hours a day to an internship in hot weather. I know where it seems like this is going: jock itch from sitting and the sweat from the heat but please keep reading. I didn't do much for the first month since just itching felt great and didn't think too much of it. Then, I decided to do something about it because I was just over it itching. And so, I bought Lotrimin for jock itch. At first, I applied the cream for a week or so. It would help a little but it would just come back quickly. I applied it twice a day until the tube was empty about a week or two later then switched to the same brand but the spray kind and applied that every chance I got. It stung at first probably from weakening the akin from scratching and it helped for a little. I would also apply baby powder thinking that would help soothe the itch. I did this routine until the can ran out a couple weeks later but stopped the baby powder since it didn't seem to be working. Because the jock itch lotion and spray didn't seem to be working in the long run, I assumed it wasn't jock itch. I lived with it for a couple more months just simply using a basic dry skin lotion a couple times a days to keep the itch at bay.
The itching seemed to get worse as time went on and would just flake more with scratching. I decided to do more. I researched a little and, even though there was no discharge, I thought hmm maybe a yeast infection. And so I awkwardly stood in line to buy monistat 7. I applied the cream twice a day and after a couple weeks it wasn't improving. After that, I thought maybe it was a case of psoriasis or eczema. I bought cortizone 10, which never completely relieved the itching or flaking at any point but helped a tiny bit. I am at my wits end now and am really leaning toward a type of fungal infection.
I learned that the all natural tea tree oil has been used to treat fungal infections and so out of desperation, I rubbed some on my scrotum. You may think I'm crazy since I poured it straight on and yes, it did sting like hell for the first 30 minutes. You may think I'm even crazier for doing this once a day for three days but after those horrible 30 minutes my scrotum did feel better for the day and wouldn't itch as much as usual. Then around night (I applied it in the morning) the itching would return with a vengeance and the skin would once again flake.
This brings us to today.
Does this sound like a fungal infection or ecsema (eczema) or what???
And so, what could this be? Any thoughts or questions? Please don't hesitate to ask for clarification if needed. Thank you so much and I look forward to the replies.
Further clarification: I don't believe it's jock itch since it's only on my scrotum (well, on the perineum also) and there are not really established lines where it starts and ends on the scrotum or perineum and jock itch usually does not affect the scrotum.
It does look like ecsema (eczema) sometimes but how come cortizone doesn't help and can ecsema (eczema) start by getting moist and sweat in the area like when this whole thing started?
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