Itchy rash on palms of hands
by michele, Apr 11, 2000
For the last 2 weeks, I have experienced a worsening ailment on the palms of my hands.  It started with a harmful itch that has become a red, inflamed disorder that gets worse at night.  I actually wake up from the itch.  The more I scratch, the worse it gets.  As the day progresses, it seems to subside, although I can see red marks mostly in the lines of the palms but also on the pad below my baby finger.  This morning the bottoms of my feet started to itch.  I went to the MD yesterday and he just told me to try Cortaid and if it didn't get better in a few days, he would send me to the Dermatologist.  No blisters, no raised marks, no scaling.  Just red marks and horrible itching.
I shower every day and live in clean conditions.  Any thoughts?
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Apr 12, 2000

What you hae sounds like dyshidrotic eczema, a common and nonserious ailment of the palms and sometimes the soles.  Cause is unknown, but stress can make it worse, and dirt and bacteria play no role.  I would use over-the-counter Sarna lotion as needed for itch until you see the dermatologist.  Meantime, don't bother changing anything, and don't worry.


Dr. R
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by Karen, Apr 16, 2000
You have just what i have, make sure you keep vaseline or cream around all the time or you will go crazy with itching. And if you get really dry you will start to crack and bleed. It hurtslike a paper cut. so keep up with the moisturizer. Dont worry, ha, that is so funny to be told that. Sure give me the lottory prize and it will help me not worry!
Take care. The red patchs can get bigger on your hands and feet. I have just got it this year, must be a millenium thing. haha
by Mick, Apr 17, 2000
For the last week I have been getting a yellowness on my hands and palms. Sort of like yellow patches throughout.  The condition goes away the same day only to show up again someother time. It is not itchy but I have felt quite tired lately. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the yellowness.  Any Suggestions?

by Karen, Apr 24, 2000
Hi Mick,
my hands and feetsoles get a yellow color as well. I have been told it is from the skin cells growing to fast and this is what they look like. Be careful if they get to thick on the feet (use a pumice stone or something like that) because they can get so thick they crack and that is very painful to walk on.
by Nic, Sep 26, 2000
i got itchy spots on the palms of my hands, I thought it was spider bite but then i noticed red spots on my ankles and up the back of my legs. it is getting really annoying so can someone please help me out!!!
by haus26, Mar 25, 2008
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