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Itchy red skin of clitoris hood
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Itchy red skin of clitoris hood

So I'm having a hard time getting a good diagnosis for my skin problem on my clitoris hood.
Now I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and BV, I have taken medication for it and so far it looks cleared up, so I do not believe that my current problem is BV or yeast,
Now I am thinking that maybe it's herpes, but my blood test is neg for hsv2, it is however pos for hsv1 but I get cold sores around my mouth.
Now my problem is, I will start to feel itchy right on the clotoris hood on the left side on the inside, so where moisture can be trapped in, it will be itchy and when I look it's red and a little swollen! It doesn't necessarily hurt, it's just itchy and irritated!! Again it's only localized in one area, it's only on the left side!! Could this be a skin condition, herpes, fungal infection???
I just need some guesses, I keep getting told that it's almost impossible to give myself genital hsv1, if that's the case then what in the world could this be? I get itchy and red in that area pretty frequently! Like almost constantly, I feel relief for about a couple of hours or a couple of days other wise I'm itchy and red. Could this be a fungal skin infection? If so does ur make sense that it is only in a specific area??
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It can be due to allergic reaction or contact dermatitis to your undergarments, sanitary napkins or tampons, soaps, fungal infection or if you are sexually active then STD’s need to be ruled out. You need to get a pelvic examination and a swab sample of the discharge done.
For the itching try taking oral antihistaminics which are beneficial in case of allergic reactions.
It is very difficult to pinpoint one diagnosis without clinical examination and cervix swabs or blood tests. So I feel that you should consult your gynecologist for a complete evaluation as treatment will depend on the diagnosis.

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thank you for your post,
i have recently got a swab of my cervix from an urgency care they tested for all STDs all were negative!
i also had seen my OBGYN she didnt even look at the red are she just gave me a pap smear and swabbed a suspicious cut for herpes on the inside of my labia minora. i just recieved the results, all was normal! no infection!!!!!
i took a blood test for herpes last month, that was four months after the last time i had sex with my long term boyfriend, the test showed
HSV 1 > 5
HSV 2 < .9
so, my thought is, if it is infact an STD then it must be HSV 1, i do get cold sores though, and i have gotten them since i was a child, and never had a problem before with my genital area.
the swelling has gotten worse, it seems to swell just inside the clitoris hood, the skin that covers the clitoris, i will try taking anthistamines,
oh and the only thing that helps relieve all itching is baking soda with water, i have been washing the outside of my gentitals with that, should i stop, is baking soda bad for that area?
all Drs are stumped they wont do a swabb of the swollen area to test for gerpes because they said that there is not open wound or oozing.
oh but my OGBYN did give me antibiotics for BV since i started noticing a  white discharge that is not clumpy.
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