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Lacy looking Arms and Rash on both arms
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Lacy looking Arms and Rash on both arms

Posted by Mary on August 08, 1999 at 17:48:51
Dear Doctor.  First, Thank You for being here for all of us.  This forum is greatly appreciated.
Two questions:  I saw a dermatologist  for a rash that had been with me for over one month.   This rash was on both arms and was from the wrist to the elbow.  It did not itch.
His comment was:  I could do blood work but I feel this 'too shall pass'.  I have no idea what he meant by this but this rash  did pass.  Is this indicative of some form of Lupus?  I am not aware of any immune disorder but do have dry eyes.
He also made a comment that i had Lacy skin on my arms.  Can you tell me what this means.   I am a female and 55 years old.  
I thank you.

Posted by Derm M.D. ASR on August 08, 1999 at 20:33:21
You seem to have a Dermatologist with philosophical leanings.
What he meant was, "We see a lot of funny things on the skin that we can't quite put a name to, but when they're pink and symmetrical, they usually just go away and don't amount to anything."  I agree!
Nope, it doesn't sound immunue or atoimmune to me.  I'd just forget about it.
As to your "laciness," I assume what he was referring to was a vascular phenomenon with the imposing Latin name livedo reticularis, which means something like "netlike purpleness."  Some people have an arrangement of their superficial blood vessels which produces this "netlike" appearance, especially if the skin is cool.  It generally means nothing at all.
Dr. R  
keywords: livedo reticularis, lupus, rash, Rockoff
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