Little brown spots on my hands, help!
by PPeach, Feb 03, 2010
I actually do not get much sun... at all, and I'm started to think it might be some sort of pigmentation problem.
I'm starting to grow these little brown freckles on my hands, and now it's starting to take a discoloration form on my fingers as well. On my camera you can't see it PERFECTLY, but I pointed some of the areas out. Maybe you guys can tell me what it may be? I'm also starting to notice little freckles on my other hand aswell.

Thank you :)
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by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Feb 03, 2010
They sound like sun spots or lentigenes. Sun spots or lentigines, are harmless, flat, brown discolorations of the skin which usually occur on the back of the hands, neck and face of people older than 40 years of age but may be found in young persons also. They are caused by the skin being exposed to the sun over many years and are a sigh of sun damage. The only way to prevent age spots is to use liberal amounts of sunscreen before the age of forty, avoid the sun, and wear protective clothing. The newest treatment for age spots is an alpha hydroxy acid gel or beta hydroxy acid gel.  Retin-A cream, alpha hydroxyacid peels, and liquid nitrogen therapy are other options.

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and regards.

by notadoctor2010, Aug 02, 2012
I have the exact same thing. It's been about a week now and it has remained isolated to my forearms and hands. I was out in the sun last week but nothing too intense. i wore sunscreen and have never had this problem before. they are symmetrically present on both forearms and stretch to my thumb. I did ingest some limes last week, but i don't know if that made a difference.
by notadoctor2010, Aug 02, 2012
by the way, i am only 30, and these showed up overnight. I have been on a low carb diet and i first noticed them after eating a high carb meal for the first time. Don't know if that is relevant at all, but thought i would add it in because i was wondering if it was an inflammatory reponse brought on by carbs.
by motherof3girls2775, Sep 13, 2012
My 11 year old daughter has been having sudden blue freckles on her upper left palm for 3 weeks. I wonder if you have come to a conclusion of what you had. Are those still there or dissapeared? Kindly share your condition. Thanks a lot.