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Glad to find this thread going. Noticed a bit of itching the other day. Nothing major and no burning during urination. Then some inflamation (inflammation) and wee little zit like bumps around the head and area where I was circumsized. Since the only sex I have been having lately was with myself (monagamous, married, wife just gave birth) I couldnt figure out what it was. Online research kinda looked like scabies, but couldn't figure out where I would have got it from.  I did masturbate using Lubriderm 24hour uncented lotion. Symptoms showed up a day later. They started going away and then I did it again not knowing it may have been the lotion. I will abstain from the lotion and see how it goes.

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I have come to the conclusion that Lubriderm has caused a contact dermatitis on my neck, back of both of my hands, and my penis.  

It's interesting that the Lubriderm has contacted other areas of my face (I was using it like an aftershave) and the palms of my hands, but no problem on my palms and only a slight problem on other areas of my face.

I went through 1/2 bottle of 'Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin' before I realized the source of the problem. A large part of the problem - denial:

"It can't be the Lubriderm because even though that's the only thing that has been smeared on all four problem areas, it's a hand lotion - developed by dermatologists for healthier skin!"

I plead guilty to taking the Johnson and Johnson bait hook, line, and sinker.

I really appreciate your posting as well as the posting on the prior thread because although the Lubriderm was a suspect, your posting confirmed it.

My symptoms are the same as the other reports on this thread and the previous one: red, itching, painful skin on the back of my hands, neck, and penis. Skin slightly raised (almost swollen) with little bumps.  The skin on the back of my hands was just plain painful.  My neck was more itchy.  The skin on my penis was a little of both.

At the time of my appointment, my dermatologist didn't know the source of the problem any more than I, but prescribed Elocon (Mometasone Furoate cream USP, 0.1%) for the skin on the penis and Triamcinolone 0.1%Oint NMC for the back of my hands.  She also told me to grease the areas with Crisco 10 times a day (quite a mess - I found cheap 100% cotton gloves at Harbor Freight on sale).

My neck blossomed out about 12 hours after I shaved and used the Lubriderm on my face.  My derm appointment was at noon that day, so my doc didn't see that, but one dose of elocon almost has it cleared up.  The other skin is healing more slowly - especially my hands.

I made a call to Pfiser consumer healthcare  (aka Johnson and Johnson) to report the problem and that was a waste of time.

Hope this helps someone else.
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