Lump on the inside of my lower lip ??
by xgene, Jul 07, 2005
I seem to have developed a bump on the inside part of my lower lip. This happened after I bit my lip on May 30 . My lip healed in about a week but a bump developed on the same site. I thought it was blister so I used a needle to try to poke it but to no avail. Only blood came out and Now the bump is bigger than before , it is round, smooth surface, hard and the size of pencil eraser.
1. Is this lip cancer ?
2. what type of doctor should I see to get this examined ? Would a demartologist be able to diagnose my inner lips in my mouth?
3. By poking it with a needle, did I just make the cancer spread to other areas of my mouth since I poked the needle very deep more than once on the bump (i'm used to needle pokes since I'm into piercings , also I never had a lip piercing ).

by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Jul 08, 2005
When you bite your lip, you set up an inflammatory reaction.  This leaves a lump under the surface, which can last for weeks or months.  That's if you leave it alone.  If you poke it and stick it with needles, it lasts much longer.  I very much doubt you have anything serious, especially since you actually recall biting your lip, which would explain the lump very nicely.  I advise you to leave the lip alone and make an appointment with your dermatologist in a month--if the lump is even still there....


Dr. Rockoff
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by lip!, Jul 17, 2005
Hi, I burned my lip with the constant use of a metal pipe... (sorry..) and then I bit it twice or three times really hard! after that, the thing closed and it looks like it's healing, but I'm freaking out because I still feel the lump inside of my lip and it makes me talk funny I think! and it's also not dissapearing, I'm to the point of start picking it and cutting my lip open to see if it's something inside, should I leave it alone? also I have no insurance, so a dermatologist is not very suitable... any comments?

thanks for your time!
by Philligrl26, Jul 30, 2005
I went to the ENT with the same thing and he said that, apparently I have bit my lip at some point and when that thin skin heals it caused the saliva to pool and enlarge into a bump.  My lump actually throbs with my heart beats.  Very weird I know, but he says that there is nothing to worry about and he could remove it, but not necessary.

by turtlelover43, Aug 10, 2005
I had a lump on the inside of my lower lip for over a month, I popped it once, some white like stuff came out, then it came back and got bigger. After a shower I just couldnt take it anymore and popped it again, this time though, it was more like a blood blister. It popped real good, then i squeezed in again and this time it was like a piece of the inside of my lip came gushing out, like a big piece of fat.  I tried cutting it off, but it kind of hurt, I managed to get it out, but now I have a purpleish colored blister spot on my lip, it also bled like a mother #$@##$@**.  I think I may have bitten it a while back. So dont feel alone, It keeps coming back in the same spot on my lip, I think I may unintensionally be biting it and irritating it without realizing it. Gotta pay better attention, but I'm still ganna have the doc check it out just to be on the safe side.

by brahim, May 20, 2008
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