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Meth Mites
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Meth Mites

I am not proud to admit this, I stopped doing crystal meth seven months ago,
I did it about once or twice a month for six months. I did not start getting the
feeling of meth mites and developing sores until two months after I quit. It mainly
affects my face and arms, particularly on the left side of my face and left arm. I can
only use baby shampoo as I have become extremely allergic to all sorts of products.
My skin itches all of the time and I have tried this and that. I am extremely uncomfortable
24/7, is there anything I can do that will help me? I went to see an allergist and explained
my situation, he told me I should make an appointment with a dermatologist. I would have confessed
to my regular MD if I had any idea of what it was at the time.
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To be honest, I don't know anything specific about the kind of sensations you're describing.  I assume that the best thing to do is to wait, as the longer the time after you stopped elapses, the less you should feel these sensations.  For more information, you may want to consult a physician or clinic who deals with drug use and its complications.  Sorry I can't be more detailed in my answer.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
Well done for stopping you should be very proud of yourself. Don't worry about your allergic skin i'm sure this will calm down. The products i would recommend are Eucerin or Oiltum. Use their bath oils, gentle cleansers and moisturizers. I would also see a dermatologist and I'm sure Dr Rockoff will offer you excellent proffessional advice. Good luck, Loiloi.
Thankyou, it was not easy. Thanks for your advice. I have been taking vitamins and my skin is
finally getting better. Vitamin E has really been helping my skin.
I did meth when I was 17-I am now 31 and am still itching like crazy. I have been to several doctors and all they can tell me is that "my immune system went haywire" and give me steroids (which don't work) and anti-allergy medication. I did meth for two months, 13 years ago. Calm down?? I think not. I am miserable and SO tired of the itching and scratching until I bleed. I would love help.
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