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Moderately atypical mole waiting results of likely a second atypical mo...
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Moderately atypical mole waiting results of likely a second atypical mole

age 31, fair, light eyes and hair. Until recently all moles removed were benign until a small 2mm round brown mole on calf came back moderately atypical. They re-excised with a 5mm punch. A body check found another what is likely going to be atypical mole just like the first (2mm...) The dr said they were both "speckled looking". I am freaking out!

My question is... the took off 2nd mole more agressively so as to avoid further excision and hear clear borders. If it comes back with clear borders is that sufficient or should I persist that they perform another punch biopsy?

I have decided I will be followed by a 2nd group *2 sets of eyes. I asked them to remove 2 small (less than 2mm) slightly raised moles from one arm and two flat but smeared looking moles from my other arm. This derm/dermapathologist/pathologist said he had looked at my first mole and it was a "tough one" He was not worried about those on my arms, but shaved them off.

WAs this the appropriate thing to do? I understand the moles may grow back, I saw a little pigment left.  Does shaving increase the liklihood of developing cancer through cells' regrowth? I wan't comfortable with questionning this dr but now I wonder if I should've asked to have them removed more agressively.

Should I be worried that if any of these other moles are atypical that such cells would spread by shaving?

How worried should I be with at least 2 atypical moles? *Need to get a grip I know.... :(
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The word atypical doesn't mean very much at all.  Unless the mole is severely atypical, all you do is take a little tissue around it off so it can't come back and confuse things later.  You really don't need to get a bit paranoid and start taking lots of things off just because you got this diagnosis--each mole is taken on its own terms, and if it looks OK, it can be left alone.  If some pigment cells come back from a non-cancerous mole, it ca not turn into cancer.

Bottom line: take a deep breath, set up an appointment with any dermatologist you feel confident in and can talk to, and then just go for regular checks, at which anything suspicious can be taken off, or more likely have everything left alone.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
I will take your advice - Thanks!

Surprisingly, second mole was normal!

I wonder if you know the power of your reassuring words... I will sleep a little better tonight.  Keep up this site... it probably helps many people get some piece of mind when they're having trouble pursuing their questions elsewhere!


i understand the confusion sounds like atypical is not a problem
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