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Mole on Scalp - Need Advice
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Mole on Scalp - Need Advice


I found a mole on my scalp, right side towards midline. I almost passed out, husband said it was huge (doc told me to stop having husband look at my moles! LOL!). I went to see a derm in my area (not my reg derm), then went to see my regular derm. The first one said (no special magnifying glasses), it looks uniform and is ok, but I am VERY nervous and keep messing with it. So, she told me I could remove it or not, it was up to me and told me to think about it. She said she was 99% sure it wasnt melanoma, but with out removal, she could not be 100%. Went to reg derm (used special magnifying glasses), he said it color looked uniform, edges were good, he measured it and said he would recommend leaving it alone. HA! I wish it were that easy. I have had one AK & 3 mildly dysplastic nevi, in addition to other normal moles removed. My I risking infection or something if I have it removed from my scalp? I came out and asked him (reg derm) if the thought it was melanoma and he said there wasnt anything about it that would indicate melanoma or any other abnormality, but he couldnt guarantee it. Said there is nothing to indicate any problems with it. And he wonders if I just never saw it before, I dye my hair, so I think I would have seen it, but now am not sure of anything. He said to keep an eye on it, OMG, I will need therapy if I do

What do you think? Could two derms be wrong about my mole, I also took a can see it here...

Should I just say...what the heck and remove it, or am I risking trouble that is needless? Is it possible I could have missed it? He measured and said it was me, it is HUGE.

Thank you very much for your advice!

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The mole looks very unconcerning.  However, you are so worried about it that nothing anybody tells you is likely to reassure you.  So just get it off, so you can stop worrying about it.


Dr. Rockoff
Hi Dr. Rockoff,

I am sorry, I guess I wrote too much and should have just asked I risking infection if I have it removed, since it will be on my scalp?

Am sorry for the trouble, just wanted your opinion. Husband says that I could have big trouble from removing stuff on my scalp...I dont know why I bother asking his opinion, it just makes things worse.

Thank you very much,


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