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Moles - changing colors, itching.
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Moles - changing colors, itching.

I've been going tanning for about 3 years now. I don't go constantly, but I do go a couple times a week. In the winter I go much less. About two months ago I noticed a mole on my breast changed a little. The color was kind of purple-ish. Just now I noticed that on my right hip, sort of towards the back.. a mole I had there has gotten much darker. It has raised a little and It also itches a lot too. I'm going to make an appointment to see the doctor asap, but I was just curious.. could this be cancer? I'm very scared.
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I know you are worried about this.However, at this point we can not really tell. Only a definitive histopath evaluation will be able to help us with the diagnosis. However, a prompt evaluation by your physician is indeed necessary to evaluate this.Any mole or discoloration in the body that presents with any changes ( color, size, itchiness, bleeding,pain) need further evaluation.

How old are you?I suppose you are female?

I suggest that you perform self breast examinations at least twice a week usually a week after your menses.Note any supicious lumps or bumps including the area involving the armpits.
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