Mucous/Scabs in Nose
by charlestongirl75, Mar 05, 2009
I hope that someone here can help with this even though it is involving my nose. My nose has a somewhat scab/crust on the inside. But its right there on both sides of the center part of my nose. This has been going on for over 8 months (not an exaggeration) and gotten progressively worse.  

Basically it started out at the tip of my nose in the center.  It seemed that mucous came down the top of my nostril and settled at the top tip of my nose and so of course I removed the crust, which in turn created a sore, which would bleed and then that scab would mix with more mucous and crust... repeat scenario over and over. The sore is very small, but still very aggravating, painful and the crust is visible when there. Also, this sore sometimes has a strange smell to it... kind of like a musty strange smell, like pollen smells... i know, it sounds so weird.

Then in the last 2 weeks, more mucous has been draining in my nose, not at the tip only now, and now I have these scabby areas in both nostrils on the center side and then at the top tip of one nostril...  

I do not feel as though I have a sinus infection, so I am unsure where the mucous is coming from. and when I asked my doctor about it a couple of months ago, when it was just that one sore at the tip, she said that noses drain wierd sometimes and there isnt anything to be done but wipe your nose... great diagnosis and advice huh

Anyways, the mucous/blood scabs are quite aggravating and I can feel them which causes me to want to remove them, which doesnt help in the long run.

I know people say, don't pick the scabs, and I try, but it just keeps building up and I eventually have to.  I need answers to

Why is mucous draining down the top of my nose... how to i remove the scabs without making it worse... and how can I end this all together... this is driving me a little bonkers...

Sorry for the long explanation I just wanted to describe it with as much detail as I could and thanks for any advice that is given!

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by nikki1970, Apr 01, 2009

I so feel your pain. What you have described i have been suffering with for over 2 years now. The doctor doesn't help and i seem to be having problems with my ears too. If anyone gives you any answers please let me know. It's so painful and irritating and is made even worse by the cold i've just got over.  

by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Apr 01, 2009

This mucus is due to congestion of sinuses.For clearing the mucus,don’t pick at the scabs but put saline nasal sprays.It will help in loosening the scabs as well as in the sinusitis.Then they will come off on their own.

Also get yourself evaluated from an ENT surgeon and get your sinuses evaluated for chronic sinusitis.Transillumination tests and x-rays and CT sinuses may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

by spashe, Apr 27, 2010
Hey, ive had the same thing too, it first developed when I worked in a hardware store with lots of building dust around since then I had nasal scabs for over 5 years. I went to the doctors the other week and she prescribed me a cream called Naseptin. I live in the UK so not sure if this is available in the US, also you cant use it if you are allergic to nuts as it contains peanut oil but the scabs are pretty much gone and only get slight blocking now but not from scabs. I have had the cream less than two weeks.I did try saline nasal spray but as soon as i forgot it one day my nose seemed even drier than usual, plus it made my nose really drippy when I did used it. honestly this cream is fantastic, i dont know why i didnt go to the doctors earler.
not sure if you can use it if your nose bleeds from the picking. I had the scabs for so long i started breathing out of my mouth to try and stop picking before I did go to see the doctor so there was no chance that the skin was broken to the extent of bleeding before I used the cream (if that makes sense).
I smoke too so I do still have quite a flemmy nose esp in the morning, which really will not be helping things, this cream hasnt really helped alot with the flem but I can at least blow my nose with no pain now!
ask your doctor as you can only get it through prescription in the UK
by nosepicker, Jan 20, 2011
I'm desperate to get help but way too embarrased to go to a doctor about my problem.  I have had sores in my nose for over 25 years.  They started when I developed seasonal allergies and my nose was always running.  The tissue inside my nose became raw and I developed sores,  Started out only in the spring and would go away when my allergies improved.  Eventually my allergies where nearly year around and I had sores in my nose year round too. I began picking at the scab early on.  It absolutely drives me crazy when there is a scab in there!  They are dry and "pull" (although not painful) but are always in the back of my mind because of the dryness and the pulling. It also feels like I can't get a good deep breath of air and I find myself breathing through my mouth until I remove the scab.  The scabs and the picking became so bad that I now have a hole in the center that is probably well over an inch long and probably a half inch wide. I'm terrified that this is going to become infected and go into the bone and then on to my brain.  I have tried saline rinses, neosporin type antibiotic salves and have been on varying antideppresents  for depression (these were not presctribed because of the picking as I've never told ANYONE about it).  I need help but I'm so incredibly embarrased.  I don't want to tell anyone about this in person but I know I need help.  Someboday, anybody - what can I do to stop this without seeing a doctor???!!!
by MrsIAH, Oct 05, 2012
Do any of you suffer from psoriasis?  I believe this is a form of a psoriasis, or an auto-immune disorder *not HIV*.  In which the body over reacts, or attacks itself.  If there is a lesion in the lining of the nostril, the auto immune disorder causes it to scab over and the scab gets out of control, the more you pick and bother, the worse that it gets.  The best thing to do, is to do a juice detox/juice fast, and to follow a strict psoriasis diet, avoiding sugars, white foods - etc.  You can look up the psoriasis diet online or in a book, by Dr Pagano.  Though you may NOT exhibit other symptoms of psoriasis on other areas of your body, it is likely a type of psoriasis or acting as one.  The more you pick at the nose, the more likely it is that the psoriasis will appear in other areas of the body over time.  Again, the more you pick, the worse it will get. Even removing it gently will still cause the body to make more of what was removed.  But, using a saline and a cloth to lessen some of the top layers of it, while leaving a small layer on the immediate skin, should be OK for the first couple of weeks. Gradually, you may be able to remove what is on the immediate skin, if you believe that the wound beneath is COMPLETELY healed.  I would wait longer than you think is necessary, to be safe instead of sorry. If you start the wound back, you will have to do the whole drawn out process over and over again.
by zacyd, Aug 24, 2013
I have this problem to I feel your pain the sores closed up my nose making it to breath I recommend a salt spray that it will help
by zacyd, Aug 24, 2013
I have this problem to I feel your pain the sores closed up my nose making it to breath I recommend a salt spray that it will help
by spencer5, Jan 29, 2014
I have had this same thing for 20 years. Have been to several ENT's. Have been diagnosed with Ozena. There is no cure. Look it up and it will give you more info on it. Basically it is the deterioration of the lining and membranes in your nose. So your nose can't properly clean itself. I have to remove the scabby junk every day or I can't breath. The best help I have found so far is a Neti Pot. But you have to use it every day. Hope this info helps.
by pollynedd, May 03, 2014
Hi same as spashe - naseptin had worked a treat for me. Within days I've got so much relief