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Need Help...Losing hope
I've been battling a skin problem for over a year, I've seen a derm several times over the last year and even just went to a new one three days ago.

First visit to derm (9/2009) they said eczema and gave steroid treatment and vanos topical. Cleared up while on steroids but immediately came back once I stopped. Went back to derm 3 other times and got an antibiotic and foams (verdeso & olux-e). Nothing has worked.

Went to new derm last week and they said staph. They put me on dual antibiotics (rifampin & minocycline) for the next 10/14 days.

I've had three full days of these antibiotics and haven’t noticed any change. Thus; I'm losing hope that things will ever change. I go back in four days to follow-up. Only getting 2-4 hours of sleep per night (for the last 6-months) is really taking a toll and I can’t do it anymore.

I've attached a photo for viewing (have more if needed). Let me know your opinion and if my new derm is going in the right direction.
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