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Nickel Allergy

Ok so I was patch tested by my Dermatologist, and my Allergist.

Both said the only thing I was allergic to was Nickel. Actually, I was "VERY allergic" to Nickel.

They said that this explained the rash on my face and I was to take out my piercings.

Well, the rash gets worse and worse during the week while I'm at work, and gets almost completely better by Sunday.(I have the weekends off)
Then the cycle starts over. OK by the end of work on Monday, Tuesday slightly red, Wednesday Bumpy and red, Thursday it's VERY noticable.

I'm a cashier at my work so I figured it was in the coins I was handling. So I started wearing gloves. When I take the gloves off I wash my hands and put on lotion.
Now, I'm home at the end of a Monday and the rash is starting to show again. It's bumpy and has a couple of small bumps on the rash on my cheek.
I didn't touch my face at work. If I did I washed my hands. I washed my face when I got home from work. But still....nothing is helping.

Aside from getting a new job, what would you recommend? I thought I was doing everything I possibly could.
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In the earlier post you had mentioned about wearing some steel piercings.Steel also contains either nickel or chromium which gives it a smooth,polished look.So in my opinion,try removing the steel piercing and see if the symptoms improve.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keepme posted on how you are doing.Best wishes.
Why does my rash seem to get better when I have a 48 hours break from not being at work?
My piercings are still in.
I don't get it.
Wouldn't the rash stick around no matter what then?
I guarantee you are allergic to many other things. Allergy tests are almost totally worthless. Any reputable allergist will tell you that they can only test for a limited amount of allergens. If you are allergic to nickel get rid of the earrings. Or suffer. Many people suffer from such allergic reactions. I can't wear any jewelery without a rash. Stress from your job could add to the problem. Or possibly you're allergic to something at your job. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to identify the cause of eczema. The first step is always elimination.
IE get rid of the earrings!  
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