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Now what could that be?
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Now what could that be?

Hello Doctor,

I have a question I hope you can answer.

About six months ago, a small hard lump, about the size of a large pimple appeared on my calf.  I thought it was a pimple at first and tried popping it, but it only bled.  So I left it and went on my way.  It eventually turned into this red bump and has no intention of going away.  

The leftover bump isn't so much on the skin as it is UNDER the skin.  The bump doesn't raise out from the skin, but if you press down on it, you can feel that there is something there.  It's smooth too.. not flakey or scabby.  

About two months after the first appearance, a second bump appeared between two toes on the foot of the same leg that had the first bump.  After that I went to my doctor, who had a look at it.  He said it was benign and I shouldn't worry about it... but.. well.. I'm worring about it.  He only looked at it for a few seconds, which concerned me.  He didn't tell me what it WAS either.. That's what I want to know..  What IS this bump anyway?  They are both still there.. just sitting there being bumpy.  They haven't grown, shrunk, changed color, moved, etc..  But the fact that they haven't gone away is causing me grief.    

Now, I know that this is a web forum and you can only give your opinion based on the information given (without actually seeing the bumps), but what is your guess / opinion?  What could they be?  and should I get them removed pronto?  

Thanks a lot!

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The calf lump is most likely a dermatofibroma.  This is a benign collection of fibrous tissue under the skin, common on the legs.

The other bump could be a mole or cyst.

I doubt very much that you either need or want to get these bumps removed.  The kinds of bumps I mentioned come from nothing in particular and don't lead to any problems.

For peace of mind, you may want to consult a dermatologist, who can give you a definitive diagnosis.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
Dear Doctor,

For the past couple of years now I have been getting these bumps on the inner part of my thigh. It's a very hard bump and you can fill the fluid inside. Usually, when I do get these bumps they can be popped and pus and blood sometimes comes out and the bump goes away. But on most occasions  the bump becomes hard and sore and it can not be popped and it becomes aggrivating. It's not a STD or anything, but I would really like to know what it is. Oh also if the blood and pus don't come out it's like a clear liquid that comes out. But it is not water. Could you please help me out here.
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