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Open Sores on Chin that are not Going Away! Folliculitis? MRSA? STD?...
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Open Sores on Chin that are not Going Away! Folliculitis? MRSA? STD?

I am a 35 year old male who's never had a skin problem until now.  About 3 weeks ago I contracted chlymedia from a guy visiting town from the UK.  Not only did he pass along the burning urinary disease, he left me with a chin full of oozing open sores that never seem to crust over.  They resemble raspberries and really sting and ooze puss when exposed to heat.  (1) Are the 2 (chlymedia and this skin infection) related?

The condition is not worsening or spreading but it's certainly not getting any better.  The local Med clinic has put me on Cipro antibiotics and also gave me a topical ointment called Mupirocin.  Neither of which seems to be working for the chin scabs.  (2) Do you have any suggestions for me?

I have read online about Folliculitis and (yikes) MRSA and I am wondering if it is possible that I have either of these conditions.  (3) If so - can you give me details about each of them?

I feel trapped.  I have been advised not to shave and that if this is a Staph infection than it can be very contagious.  etc. I feel like I'm putting my life on hold until they go away.  (4)How much longer should I be expecting to deal with this nightmare?  Please Help!  Thanks in advance for discussing my 4 questions above pertaining to this issue.
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I don't think your face problem is related to chlamydia.  Proper diagnosis of your facial issue would require culture and sensitivity tests.  I can't tell you whether you have MRSA without culture results.  Cipro is often used to treat MRSA.  If you are not responding to Cipro, you need to call the clinic which prescribed it right away.  You may need a different antibiotic.  If you are in any way squeezing or scratching the scabs, please stop.

Whatever you have can surely be cleared completely.  Please consult your clinic at once.

Thank you.

Dr. Rockoff
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