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Penile Yeast Infection?
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Penile Yeast Infection?

Is it possible this could the beginnngs of  a male yeast infection?  After doing some research, I noticed the cause of yeast infections can be long term use of antibiotics.   I was diagnosed with prostatitis about a year ago, and underwent 4 or 5 long courses of Cipro this past year.   I can only wonder if the cipro killed the good bacteria and hence caused some kind of fungal infection?

While the tiny bumps on my glans (glands) do not seem to look like the pictures I've seen of yeast infections, I wonder if it could be the early stages of it.    I have kind of a general ache in the head of my penis.  But since this is also a symptom of my chronic prostatis, its confusing to determine if its the prostatitis or if it could be soreness from my glans (glands) being attacked by a yeast infection.  

I've also been craving sugar more over the past few months, and I wonder if this could be another indication of a yeast infection.

Penis glans (glands) bumps question
by Ron00

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Member since Jul 2008  

, Jul 20, 2008 03:16PM
As a follow up to my previous post (below).  How long should I wait until seeing a doc?  My plan is to reduce the amount of times I masterbate, and to wash the area with cetaphil instead of regular soap.  I was also using a couple of facial cleansers in the shower on my face, I'm trying to make sure the cleansers don't get on that area in case they could by causing irritation.  I was planning on waiting 3 to 4 weeks, and if there is no improvement, to see a doctor.  I'm just not looking forward to it as its an embarrassing issue to show and talk about it.

My original post:
I have recently over the past few months developed several (about 9 or 10) very small bumps on the head of my penis.  They look a little like blisters/pimples or scars, but are very small and do not hurt.  These bumps are randomly on the head of my penis, so I don't think they could be pearly penile papules.

I masterbate about 5 or 6 times a week, and every once in a while my masterbation (masturbation) session may last a half hour or more.  I have not had any sexual contact at all in over six years, so I can't imagine this is any kind of sexually transmitted disease.

I am 34 and have been masterbating (masturbating) most of my life, I have never used any kind of oil.   Is it possible these are just heat blisters from masterbating (masturbating), and since I'm getting older my body just doesn't heal as well?

by Vanessa Lacuesta:


This may be caused by mild skin irritation on the glans (glands) penis. The glans (glands) penis is fragile and sensitive due to a thinner covering of skin on the area. This may render the glans (glands) penis readily irritated by frequent manipulation. I suggest that you avoid further manipulation of the area. Wash the area well with a mild cleanser and keep the skin dry. This may be a case of balanitis. Balanitis refers to a skin condition involving the glans (glands) penis only. This is not necessarily a sexually transmitted disease.

Refrain from touching or manipulating the area and observe if the skin improves
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by Vanessa Lacuesta

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Vanessa Lacuesta  
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, Jul 20, 2008 06:36PM

In the absence of any sexual activity, this is not likely an STD. An infectious process does not sound to be likely here either. Manipulating the area and applying lotions and creams may only aggravate the condition. These products may dry up the skin of the glans (glands) penis and may only cause further irritation. If scales or flaking of the skin occurs, have the flakes assessed microscopically to rule out a fungal infection. Topical antifungal creams like miconazole and 1% hydrocortisone cream applied thinly once daily may offer some relief. If no improvement is seen in 3 days then consult your doctor. Your condition is not urgent. However, I do understand that if there seems to be difficulty in curbing the frequency of masturbation, I would suggest a consult with a psychologist who may help you with this. I understand the habit directly causes the skin condition and it is important that this aspect has to be addressed.
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A yeast infection is also called candidiasis. It is the name for a common infection caused by a type of yeast-like fungus called Candida.

Candida albicans is part of the normal environment of the skin, mouth, and intestinal tract.
It causes an infection only under certain conditions. Low immunity( chronic stress can contribute to this), sexual Transmission from a female with a vaginal yeast infection,
antibiotics( kill beneficial bacteria that is found on the penis) and  diabetes(because the elevated sugar in the urine creates a beneficial environment for yeast).

The most common symptoms of a penile yeast infection are:
irritation and soreness of the head of the penis associated with severe itching, a white, clumpy discharge and sometimes redness color on the head of the penis.

Treatment would be the application of an anti-fungal cream/ointment like Monistat.

If this does not cause an improvement in the symptoms then you have to get it examined to reach an accirate diagnosis.

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