Penis Rash
by powerade21451, Sep 19, 2009
I have this weird thing happening to my penis. I have been tested for every STD that I can think of. The tests were all negative.  I saw a doctor and he said it was bacteria. So he prescribed some antibiotics. It did not get rid of the problem. So I am starting to think it is a skin problem.  I’m circumcised. Right under the head of my penis, my penis started to get this dark black spot in one area. The dark spot has started to get a little lighter. My penis skin is changing. There is a small indentation there that was not there before. That part of my penis use to be smooth now the skin is indented. It is right under the head of my penis. It does not go all away around. It is just around the front part. And it is white. It is not white all the time. It comes and goes. Sometimes, the entire top part of my penis under the head turns white and then back to normal color. I also have bumps there that I did not have before.  Sometimes, when I shake my penis it turns white at the spots that I describe above. I also have a small very faint pinkish red spot. The skin on the pinkish red spot is raised slightly. The pinkish red spot is were the indentation is. I really don’t know what this is at all. I was thinking maybe a fungus, or the male version of a yeast infection. Can you help me?
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Sep 20, 2009
Your description does not sound like any disease at all, sexual or otherwise.  It sounds to me as though you are looking much too hard at your penis and over-interpreting lots of minor skin changes that mean nothing.  Please see a skin specialist in person, and if you find that there's nothing worng with you, accept it and move on.


Dr. Rockoff
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by powerade21451, Sep 20, 2009
I appreciate the insight. I don't understand how it is a minor skin change for your penis to become indented and to turn white. Any guy would notice such a big change. But your response suggest it is not a big deal. I suppose this is so because it is not happening to you. So you believe that it is normal for you penis to turn white? You have no explanation for that at all? My penis literally turns white when I shake it. I have brown skin. Are you saying that this is normal?
by billal, Oct 16, 2009
hi my name is billal and im 15 i have 2  white spots on my right leg one is small and one is abit bigger and i have a few dots on my penis and a few going up on my leg i sore a skin speacilest and he told me its loss of pigmentation and gave me 4711 colone to apply on my white spots and expose to the sun and no im getting kinda like frecules on the inside of my spots that are on my leg but i dont no what i should it dosent seem its ganna work can you please i dont wont to go all white . thank you
by Brasol, Oct 30, 2009
Hi Doctor, I am 57 years of age, had heart surgery and am on the usual medication: a betablocker, a cholestorel pill and some coated aspirin. I do not have any diabetes, nor high blood, nor any family history of any heart disease. I had to have this Major surgery because of excessive smoking (80+) a day of which I have now stopped completely. The reason I mention the condition and medication may be of consequence as it has affected my sexual functionality. My problem is now this: I have developed a kind of a white spot on the point of the ridge of my penis and although there is no itching it also seems that the veins on the top of my penis seem to change in color (almost like vericose veins). I am circumcised so it is very noticeable, althought I can't say for sure that it was there previously. but having now this whitish spot on the ridge I am becoming a bit conscious of other marks and spots. I must say that all of my sexual activity was with a single partner (my wife) and more often than not it was of a oral nature as opposed to vaginal.  I have thus far not consulted my health professional, but if any unsual irritation occurs I will. Is is skin related or may be something I should not worry too much about ?
by johnny04, Nov 24, 2009
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