Pin sized holes on palm of hand. (pics included)
by seriousawesomeness, May 19, 2008
I have small pits on my palms and between my fingers that are about the size of a pin *****.  They do not hurt, or itch, but my palms do occasionally have a 'funk,' to them.  The answer given for this topic that i found did not give sufficient information regarding the condition or lack there of.  The skin with the small pits can be scraped easily (not like normal skin).  It gets worse when my hands have been wet.

I have never had this problem before.  I tend to be a pretty observent person (probably too much so) but this a new development.  I scheduled an apt. with a dermatologist to get this looked at but wanted to see if anyone could provide real information since it will be a while before I can get in.  The onset was first noticed after wearing gloves in my chemistry lab at school.  We have 3 hour long labs that require you to wear gloves the entire time and my hands get sweaty.  4 weeks into the glass I noticed these holes appearing and getting worse - the skin where the holes are located can be removed with little effort.  I wouldn't call these holes, "normal," as was suggested in the previous thread.  Who knows, they look exactly the same, but could be something different.  

Thoughts?  I would put some sort of antiperperant on my hands before I put onthe gloves but fear that if one of the organic solvents went through the gloves (which does happen occationally) that there could be a bad reaction.  

I found these images online and traced them back to this website (found the post).  This looks exactly like what I have and I don't feel that it is normal since I've never had it before, nor has anyone I've talked to.
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, May 19, 2008

Based on the history you have provided and based on the images, this is likely to be a contact or irritant dermatitis. At this point, you may be allergic or reacting to the gloves. Have you been handling any chemicals with your gloves? Have you spilled chemicals over your gloves?

The holes that you have noted over the palm may coincide with the texture of the gloves you are using. Some chemicals may seep through gloves and may cause some skin reactions.

Another differential here is a dyshidrosis. These appear as bumps or vesicles and they may be itchy. They may result from prolonged exposure to water or wet environments. You have mentioned of your palms sweating with the gloves on. This may contribute to your condition.

by seriousawesomeness, May 20, 2008
Well, the gloves are not textured and irritant dermatitis and dyshidrosis do not look like the images I posted and or what is on my hand based off of images found of thoe conditions.

With the cap of a pen I was able to scrape off a layer of skin on my palm with little to no effort after I washed my hands.  

Some of the chemicals do go through the gloves if spilled but for the most part the only thing that has ever hit my hand was acetone.  

I can't say for sure but I don't think I should be able to take skin off like that...Any other suggestions or conditions that it could be?  This is a huge pain in rooster because I can't get into until next tuesday to the dermatolgist.  I am not trying to spread nasty skin sluffing to my girlfriend if you know what I mean.  What should I do in the mean time???
by TheDoc2017, Jan 05, 2011
I have this exact same problem! I can't for the life of me figure it out. It seems to get worse when my hands sweat even outside of gloves. I've also noticed a "yeasty" odor. The skin also comes off quite easily. It goes away but ultimately comes back. I'm trying to get in with a Dermatologist and perhaps even get a biopsy of the affected area. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
by TheDoc2017, Jan 13, 2011
Okay, I have some info for everyone. This condition is a fungus. Yeah, its gross. But there's good news. A doctor friend of the family told us to buy a lotion called AmLactin. It works. One use made a 75% difference. The lactic acid in it kills the fungus. Hope it helps.
by ULO, Feb 14, 2014
Someone in Africa(Nigeria)says he knws what d holes in palm means