Pityriasis Rosea scars all over
by calalilly712, Apr 21, 2010
i had Pityriasis rosea 1 1/2 years ago, it has left me badly scarred...I went to a dermatologist and he said i should get 8 to 12 chemical peels and it would improve 80%....thats 1 chemical peel per month at $500 each...

Does anyone here have scars all over from pityriasis Rosea?  and does anyone know of any good dermatologists in northern NJ or NYC area that works with dark skin?

This is so very frustrating, and i am very self-conscious with all these scars

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by Roki000, Apr 21, 2010
I have very pale skin and I also developed lighter spots where my pity. spots were.  I had it about 6 years ago, or so, after I moved from TX to CO.  They are not as noticable now as they were right after but it's taken a while for them to fade.  I've been using lots of lotion since then, making sure there is NO fragrance in it, as that's my skin's trigger for trying to have new breakouts.  Mine was also only on my arms/legs and not any on my trunk, which I've read is a bit atypical.  I invested in some extremely low UV tanning bed sessions and that helped my breakout settle down, and perhaps made the spots not *so* noticeable?  Not sure if I would invest in $500 treatments (since my face was spared) but if you do want to, personally, I'd give them some time to fade first.  Maybe yours, too, will fade on their own a bit and save you some treatments.  Best of luck to you!
by calalilly712, Apr 22, 2010
thanks for your reply, mine is all over my back and trunk and stomach, a little on shoulders, none on legs or arms.  looks like i have a pityriasis rosea t-shirt on effect...i havent had any other break-outs but i was told that if i tan the spots will get darker...i was thinking in investing in a spray tan gun, and during summer months just cover my spots that u think if i tan the spots will darken, i have dark skin and am scared that it will look worse....
by Roki000, Apr 23, 2010
I'm not sure about the tanning on your darker skin, yes, it might make them darker.  Possibly you could try finding a bed that has a very low UV rating or, if you're in a sunny place, get out into the sun for a short time and see what happens?  The fake tan might be the way to go, but be sure to skin-test it on an existing spot first and wait about 2 days to make sure you don't have any reaction to it.  My skin is extra sensitive so I can't try anything like that.  I was considering massaging in Vit.E due to its healing properties for the skin, but I have yet to actually try it.  I was just now thinking that maybe you could go to a different dermatologist and get a second opinion on the chemical peel?  There may also be other alternatives that another doctor would know about.  Try as they might, they don't know everything, and two heads may be better than one.  :)