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I was tested for herpes after having traditional herpes symptoms twice over the last 4 years, and test were positive. I painful sore on the side of my penis( and the first outbreak on my genital) went away in 2-4 weeks, but I am writing to you about a more disturbing recurrance of different symptoms. After my last has developed I also bought two products on the internet ( one was a copper sulfate solution that I put right on the penis opening because it looked red - the second was a homeopathis herpes spray that works on the antibody - viral theory, containing trace amounts of different herpes strains, which was also topical and sublingual) The sore on the side of my penis went away like a 'normal herpes outbreak', but the red nerve burning feeling at the tip of m penis has not! For the last 8 months I have had a constant red, irritated sensitive inflammed skin around my penis opening. They are not oozing sores, but the whole area arounf the opening has a redish blistered appearance. I feel the need to cover the tip with gauze because it feels hot and irritated rubbing against my underwear. I realize now it is a serious discomfort daily and what my dermatologist has not worked. I have been to a urologist, dermatologist, and have been prescribed many anti-bacterials, anti-virals, and skin repair creams, as well as valtrex, but they all seem to just irritate it more. I have been prescribed:
Calendula cream
Bionect (hyaluronic acid sodium salt cream)
elidel (pimecrolimus ccream)
ertaczo (sertaconazole nitrate cream)
locoid lipocream (hydrocortisone butyrate)
Homeopathic gels

My Dermatologist believes that it is not viral, But it seems to me that there is the look of a raised, swollen edge of the penis opening. It is quite a drag and i am concerned this is a chronic condition with cure. There is no discharge, perhaps some clear liquid, but it might have been some 'pre-***'. The burning, stinging sensation is persistent and the redness and 'hot feeling' makes sexual intercourse not as pleasurable. Sometimes it seemed for a day or two that it looked better, but now I am out of denial that it seems like a chronic outbreak of some form, and an even greater fear is that I somehow made m condition worse and from a recent sexual encounter somehere got the new symptoms of almost looking like red raised skin is chafed, but I have covered it every day for the last 6 months. It is kind of depressing to not feel comfortable wearing just swim trunks, or going to the gym i need to always protect it from rubbing. I try to wear all cotton underwear, shower often, drink water and herbal teas, although i do have a sweet tooth and drink and smoke occasionally. I hear that alkalinity is important to mimimize a virus and do you have any record of the persistent redness and puffy painful skin just around the tip
Needless to say I feel like my initial herpes reaction seemed like a seperate set of symptoms on the urethra opening infected skin
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Sorry, but I don't know what you have.  It certainly does not sound like herpes; among many other reasons, herpes doesn't last 8 months continuously.  Irritation sounds more likely.  I think you're just going to have to work with your dermatologist on this.  I don't think you need to be anxious about herpes, though. Also, I don't know what you mean by a "reddish blistered appearance."  Blisters aren't red.

Internet research and applying miscellaneous products on you penis are not going to get you through this.


Dr. Rockoff
This EXACT thing is happening to me... I had unprotected sex with a younger girl a while back.. and in the past have had unprotected sex on a few occasions.. STUPID on my part. The red "blister" area just looks REALLY irritated. and is SUPER sensitive. I don't notice it much until I ***. About 30seconds after I *** (and the swelling goes down) my penis head looks "different" almost wrinkly, and "rough" and somewhat dry.. i may not be describing it well... I notice that the tip of my penis (the opening is VERY VERY VERY sensitive) and again.. BRIGHT RED.. but only around the opening. What can I do... PLEASE HELP... and if you find the answer PLEASE let me know..

the symptoms all sound very familiar.  I have tried all the same creams and prescriptions and still have the same problems
I did quite a bit of research on the net... and who knows how helpful that may be.. But I also failed to point out that I've had a pretty sore throat for the duration of the sensitivity (listed above) I went to the DR. and was perscribed a Zpack that helped a little... but it came back.. In reading my symptoms match similar cases of Chlamydia. I was tested positive a few years back, took the medication, but don't know if I waited long enough b4 sleeping with my girlfriend again..

a bit of luck..

I used to take acne medication (tetracycline) and i've still got a bottle FULL of 500mg pills.. tetracycline ALSO happens to be a form of treatment to clear up / rid me of this ****.. I'm gonna take it twice daily for the next 7 - 10 days I'll post on wheather it helped or not... stay tuned..

Please post if you have similar symptoms and have tried other things to try and clear this up...

let's get as much info as possible... so the next person searching might find the answers they were looking for...
I have been having similar circumstances over the past 4 months - redness and irritation at the opening of the penis and just underneath on the head.

HERE'S one thing I spotted tonight, which might be the next thing I explore with my doctor - Balanitis.  Check out the link below.  The picture is the closest thing I've seen to my condition, though not a perfect match.

My story.

I believe this started with a foolishly unprotected (and very rough) sexual encounter late in the summer.

At first I thought it was Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, but tested negative for both.  Neither my doctor or I see any traditional signs of herpes or warts.

The inflammation gets worse after sex and after I go to the gym, and the constant general discomfort of it rubbing inside my boxers or briefs is really getting frustrating.

I was treated first with hydrocortisone cream, which offered mild relief.  I used it twice a day for 10 days, but my symptoms didn't subside completely and returned as soon as I stopped treatment.

Then I developed a case of jock itch, so my doctor thought it might be candida, yeast, or some other type of fungus.  I used prescription strength antifungal cream for 2 weeks, which cleared up the jock itch, but my original symptoms remained.  (Little did I know hydrocortisone is a steroid that encourages fungal growth, so it probably caused the jock itch!)

So once that cleared up, I stopped the antifungal cream.  Things were back to before - same symptoms, inflamation (inflammation), redness, and mild itching and burning.  Then I somehow developed a case of epiditimitis, which my doctor had me treat with antibiotics and advil, which cleared up nicely (so it seems).

So, now I'm back to square 1 again!  The redness and itching, burning around the opening and just underneath on the head.  I'm going back to the hydrocortisone cream - very sparingly so as not to start another case of jock itch - because it offers mild relief.  Unfortunately, since it's the holidays, I probably won't get in to see my doctor again until January.

I'm really disturbed by all of this.  I've never had an STD or any other medical problems in this area, and it just isn't going away.

Maybe it's this Balanitis?  Any other thoughts or suggestions you guys have would be helpful.  Check out that link and the picture and report back if that's what you have also.

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