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Rash on my nose - Help!
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Rash on my nose - Help!

On June 20th I sent an email about a rash on my nose. I tried your suggested Bacitracin Ointment applied 2x a day. My rash cleared up. Yahoo! I continued to use Bacitracin 2x a day, not missing a day. I do not pick, scratch or rub roughly the rash area at all. Seven days later it has come back with a vengence. Blisters started in inside nose again, by next day started in 4 other places. Blister and then crusted over, red! Very itchy and tingly when first showing up. Do I continue the Bacitracin?  What about acupuncture?

4-18  Rash outside edge of nostril. Sore. Small blisters crust over, very red. Physician appt - Keflex
4-20  Worsened. Sore!  Derm appt. Cultures neg. Stop Keflex. Add Doxycycline, Valtrex, Zovirax
4-27  Moved inside & below nostril. Clearing nostril edge. Derm appt - Doxycycline (Centany samples)
5-8  Moved between two nostrils. Clearing inside & below. Derm appt. Cultures Neg. Minocycline
5-9  Call Derm. Dizzy awful feeling. Stop Minocycline. Back to Keflex
5-12  Rash clearing between nostrils and starts again on nostril. Clears, still red.
5-18   Rash begins in nostril, worsens. Spreads over both nostrils.
5-26   New Doctor Derm appt.  New cultures (Negative)  Ciclopirox, Mupirocin, Cloderm. Better!
6-7  Worsens under nostrils.
6-8  Dermatologist appt. Use only Ciclopirox. Much better until June 18th, rash worsens.
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I apologize, but the story does not compute.  I hear what you're saying, I believe that the cultures showed what they did, but I can't make the story add up to anything.  Are you absolutely, positively sure there is no picking or rubbing going on, perhaps unconsciously, or some other activity that results in local trauma?

In any case, I can't think of any diseases that act this way, so I'm going to have to leave you to the doctors you're actually seeing.  Sorry I can't be more decisive.


Dr. Rockoff
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