Recurring White Bumps on Lips
by justmeonline, Nov 26, 2003
Hi- Recently in the last year, I have noticed some lip issues. Every so often I will get one or so white bumps on my lips that appear to be "white heads". They kind of look like a vesicle. Sometimes it happens after eating hot soup on one area--like maybe the spoon scrapes that one part. Like within that same day or the next it will happen. They don't itch, aren't really painful at all...I notice a little pain if I press hard on them, but just "bumps". They last a few days, start out bright white and become red once I scrape the white part off or it disappears on its own then go away. They don't appear to be open sores except the way a pimple would be if you popped it and they don't scab, they just dry out. I notice after they heal, my lip is just drier in that area. They are on the lip itself, not on the border. Always on the top lip to the right or left of the bow. In the last 2-3 weeks, I have had one come and go in the same area 3 times and heal. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes two. Are my lips overly sensitive or do I have herpes or something like that? They look like the natural white spots in my lips except swollen/raised. I don't really remember getting anything like this until the last year or two. I have never had a cold sore but get canker sores frequently. Other than that, I notice I tend to get hard red bumps on my lips under the skin sometimes. Are these pimples? It's kind of embarassing getting the little white bumps...I feel like everyone sees them! They are about the size of a dot from a pen or a little larger, they aren't large, just raised. Thanks for your continuing kind advice.
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Nov 27, 2003
I doubt anyone sees them, unless you magnify them by rubbing, which I urge you not to do.  These certainly don't sound like herpes to me.  Perhaps they're sebaceous (oil) glands that become more prominent at various times.  Show them to a doctor next time you go, but I'm pretty certain that they have no significance and are best ignored.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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by blicit, Dec 03, 2003
Have noticed similiar problem, very small bumps on upper and lower lips.  When licked the feel like I'm rubbing sandpaper. I'm thinking it could be something in my lipstick that I've used for five years.   They don't scrape off and I'm hoping changing lipsticks will help.  Any suggestions?
by white bumps, Feb 05, 2004
I also get these white bumps on the lips?  Anyone have an update?  What about cancer?  like lip cancer?

They don't hurt.
Thy are not really solid.
They are almost like having little tinny water blisters just under the skin.  

by triop, Mar 13, 2004
yeh i got the same thing....they arent visible unless u look real close and stretch ya lips. Just wanna know if its contagious and what it actually is.
by confusedinflorida, Aug 10, 2007
I had about two years ago a huge bubble on my top lip, it looks like water is inside and it hurts when near heat? What is it? And whats causing it?
by 24black, Mar 28, 2008
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