Recurring itchy welt at old bug bite site
by conniptionfit, Apr 01, 2009
Back in late September of 2007, what I thought was a mosquito bit me on my outer right calf.  It looked like a fairly typical bug bite.  It was itchier than a usual bite, but I've had allergies and wicked sensitive skin forever and I'm very good at not scratching things, so I was able to leave it alone.  Several days later, all signs of it were gone.  

A couple months later, the same spot starting itching again, but so badly that I couldn't ignore it.  There were three tiny but firm bumps within a quarter-sized, welt-like area of scaly skin (my skin was soft and smooth everywhere else - no rashes, no itches).  I tried to keep the area moisturized and used some hydrocortisone cream, but it didn't do anything, so I just sucked it up and ignored it.  It went away on its own in about a week - just like the first time, you couldn't tell any difference in the area from the rest of the skin.  It looked completely normal again.

But the stupid thing keeps coming back.  Sometimes it comes back after a couple of weeks; once it disappeared for three months - it's not regular at all.  I've experienced it about 15 times since it first occurred.  I'm starting to get nervous about it.  I've had several health issues (lethargy, chronic pain, weakness, worsening depression) since I got to Korea (which was about a month before the initial bite) and, until lately, I'd just ascribed them to my body and mind not getting along with this country.  Now, thanks to the paranoia-inducing wealth of information on the internet, I'm thinking the bite had something to do with it?  

Tell me; is it normal for a bite's effects to come and go like this over the course of almost two years, or should I stop conflating this with my other health issues? Thanks!!
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by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Apr 01, 2009

It is uncommon for an insect bite to show at the same place again and again and that too for two years.Take some antihistaminics like benadryl or Claritin and apply calamine lotion on the itchy welt.If the symptoms are severe,then pls apply some mild steroid cream like dermacort and get it evaluated from a dermatologist.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

by babygirl31338, Aug 13, 2011
It sounds a lot like a bite i got about a year keeps coming back in the same spot little tiny blister like spots of clear puss come out. I wonder what in the world bit me and is there some thing left in this insect bite.A day or so after i was bitten i killed two of the ugliest spiders in my basement big blackish brown and i swear they ran a 100 miles an hour.
by alajos, Apr 30, 2012
6 or 7 years ago I spent the night in a Caravan in Ballarat, in the morning the pillow above and below was covered in ants and I had a sore spot on my ear.

Not long before this I had been bitten by a bull ant on a finger and I assumed this was something similar. This time however it took over a week to get better then I forgot about it.

Then a few months later it returned, since then it has turned up sporadically usually with a long time in between.

I am sick of it
by Kendonagogo, May 09, 2012
Approx 8 or 9 years ago I was bitten on the knee whilst sitting on someone's sofa. No sign of the aggressor but the bite produced a loud "ouch" from me at the time and became extremely itchy intermittently afterwards.
Approximately a year later almost exactly the same thing happened again on the same sofa. I no longer sit on that sofa but the itches from both bites periodically "kick in" and drive me mad. I can go for months without itching then suffer from several weeks of itching. I regularly take antihistamine tablets for another condition and these seem to have had little affect.
I am extremely puzzled by all of this and especially after such a long time am somewhat suspicous that I could be hosting some parasites that appear to have taken a liking to me but have long overstayed their welcome.
by chamasjiro1, Jan 07, 2013
It is going on 18 years since I was bitten while walking through weeds to and from fishing spots. I too get a recurring itch in the exact same location each time. There is no pain, no redness, no lumps and no discharge of any kind, it just itches. It goes away on it's own and comes back when it feels like it. Sometimes after being gone for weeks, sometimes months, even over a year. I shower daily, I don't get dry skin or have skin conditions, I have no allergies or other illnesses. I seldom even catch a cold. It started itching tonight after being gone for over a year. I asked 2 different doctors about it. They look at me like I'm full of it, then just ignore what I said. In other words they don't have a clue!
by misstee447, Oct 17, 2013
i have the same problem has been going on for 6 months now.  Something bit me on my foot, don't know what it was.  I get a rash travelling down foot then it goes away with the use of 2 different creams different doctors gave me, then it re-occurs in the same spot.  No one has a clue!!!!!!
by Rachel556, Dec 05, 2013
I have the same thing and usualy heat triggers it but now i have has anisthetic and its come up for an hour completelty gone and come up agin in seconds as i was telling my friend on the pone and nothing was there and now its red and the same place. Its like a red circe that icthes so odd!
by amel1a, Feb 08, 2014
in 2009 I was bitten twice on my forearm by a horsefly. I did not know the name, only saw the type of fly and recognised it later in time. Over the following two weeks my left forearm became incredibly swollen and hot. As those two weeks progressed the rest of my torso and right arm also started getting patches of bruises and a kind of scabies look. My skin rose up in tunnel like patterns, it was really creepy. As time went on (a month)  this subsided but I had continuos bumps rising on my left forearm which looked like nettle rashes. They itched like crazy. These would particularly return if I did the slightest exercise, including running 15 metres. Incidentally, not too long after this I was diagnosed with ME/CFS. Years have gone by and for the past year I'd prided myself that they'd gone completely as there would just be the slightest itch on my skin but no red, rising bump which itched like hell. Till today - they're back. My Dr told me that the skin has a cell memory... which while I agree with this principle this is not really very scientific language and felt as though they didn't know what to say. I did use the steroid cream they gave me, but it hasn't stopped it returning.

1. I've heard of one other case where a person got ME/CFS short after having a horsefly - has anyone else heard of this?
2. Does anyone know how to treat for a horsefly bite?
3. Does anyone have any similar experiences or have any suggestions as to how I can prevent this from happening anymore?
by cantstopscratching, Feb 13, 2014
I'm having very similar thing as amel1a.  6+ months now

I don't know what may have bitten me.  I wasn't really paying attention as this came on over a few weeks.

I had a bunch of bug bites show up in September 2013.  It was flea season, and they were very itchy and persisted for more than a day, unlike mosquito bites.  So I assumed I had been bitten by fleas, though I never saw a flea.

I had a good dozen bites around my calves and ankles.  I'm pretty good about not scratching bug bites.

After about a week...maybe 10 days of this I got very sick for about 10 days...strange though.  No fever, no temp.  just felt achy and had night sweats and chills so bad I'd be soaked and have to change my tshirt a few times in the night.  the bug bites were aggravated and red, itched like hell.  

Also I noticed a very hardened swollen lymp inside right thigh up high near groin crease.  (sorry to be graphic, but I'm trying to be vivid about my details here).

after those 10 days this 'flu' that wasn't a flu went away and I haven't been ill since then.

Also similar to amel1a I get a hive like rash on both forearms when I work out.  I train Kung Fu 3+ times a week, so I take alot of showers.  I wondered if I was developing an allergy to Chlorine or other chemicals in the water.

this has been going on for over 5 months now.  Some of the 'bite' sites have healed and are not even visible anymore.  others have healed and then recurred.  Nothing has spread.  It is only these specific places, and my forearms.   They itch Maddeningly.  I wake up having scratched in my sleep.

Some things that I've done to try to cure/relieve this:

I dabbed all spots with peroxide twice a day for over a week  figured if I had scabies or some other parasite that would saturate and kill em.....just scabbed over the sites and soon they came back.

Oregano oil....this is very effective for parasites, funguses, we've used it to kill warts, athletes foot etc.  I applied straight oil on the sites twice a day for over a week...if this was parasitic that should have done the trick.  It burns quite a bit to use peroxide or oregano oil on cuts or scratches.....I can handle it.  I prefer that burn to the maddening itch.

Still have this 'thing' going on.

So let's talk about steroid topical cream....I confess I haven't gone to a doctor or dermatologist about this...I don't have medical.  So I have no bloodwork.  Ignorant....tsk tsk...yes I know.

But I used some topical cream on my forearm rash and it went away rather quickly.  I used this cream once a day for 10 days and all visible signs and itching went away....

but you cannot use those creams for more than 10-14 days.

I stopped applying and the forearm itch/hive/rash returned.

I've just ordered a shower filter.  I'll probably go get tested for Lyme and the host of other crappy parastitic bedfellows that go along with Lyme....rocky mtn spotted...etc.

I still have no sure idea of what bit me.  but it wasn't one bug.  It wasn't a tick (to my knowledge) I'm paranoid about that. This was most likely fleas or mosquitos.  

So.....if anybody else has some clue....please post.  even just post if you're experiencing something similar.  maybe we can gain insight from the similarities.

A friend suggested that local water treatment chemicals may have been increased back in the fall 2013 (Long Island, NY) and I may be having a reaction to the higher levels.  Another friend suggested that when we were camping several weeks before all this I might have got snacked on by mosquitoes that carried parasites (flatworms or scabies or some such)  from waterfowl (seagulls, ducks, etc.) and that the gestation period would be 7-10 days, so while I would not have noticed the inital bites when the larvae hatched (gross) the numphs and their waste toxins would appear as a new skin eruption itchy as hell and fool me into thinking these were fresh bites.

I really am concerned now.  Nothing lasts this long without a reason.

I wondered myself if the skin as an organ could ever just have a creepy lingering sensitivity from previous bites....but I'm 42 and nothing like this ever happened to me before.  I've spent alot of time outdoors in my life.  This is new.

Thanks for reading this, please comment with ideas, similar experiences.  and I'll do the same.  I will get to the bottom of this!  soon I plan to maybe do a detox juicing fast and maybe some IV push vitamin C to kill parasites/ boost my immune system.

P.S.  I'm no sickly person.....I've been athletic, lifting weights and training martial arts for years....this is infuriating!