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Red Bumps In Elbow Folds & Body Breakouts?
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Red Bumps In Elbow Folds & Body Breakouts?

I've had small red bumps in the fold and crease of my elbow for about a year now. It started out with very few on one elbow, and then gradually began increasing in amount. The sizes vary from the tip of a pen to sometimes the size of a bug bite. I've been to the dermatologist about it, and they told me they believed it was a virus. They gave me a certain gel to put on it and said that it would make it go away. I've been trying this for about three or four months now, and they have remained the same, if not worse. What can I do to make it go away? It's very unattractive, and people are starting to notice. I got the bumps right after I started shaving my arms..but that has nothing to do with it, because they don't go away even when I stop. I don't put any lotion on my arms, nothing to irritate them. What can I do?

Also: Any tips on body breakouts?
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Without examination, confirmation of a diagnosis is tough, but it sounds like folliculitis or infected hair follicles. Please keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics. Also wear loose-fitting cotton clothing and use an antibacterial soap or mild soap like dove. Avoid any kind of cosmetics. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or neomycin containing ointment are also useful. In case the symptoms persist then oral antibiotics may be needed. Please consult a dermatologist in that case.

Hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Warm regards.
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To Bhupinder Kaur,

Thank you for taking interest in my issue. I visited the dermatologist, and was told its a smaller, less harsh form of eczema. They have me on a skin-thinning steroid cream, which is supposed to calm the redness. Then I'm supposed to use another moisturizer once the area isn't red anymore. Thank you for keeping in touch,

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Would Aloe Vera Work .
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