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Red ITCHY rash on leg and stomach
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Red ITCHY rash on leg and stomach

I'm 14 years old recently I've had just itchy red dots on my stomach, and had this like itchy red patch on the side of my penis. OF course every day or so it gets real itchy so I apply this Sarna Original Anti-itch lotion. The thing is it doesnt help for very long. The itching seem to happen at the same time everyday. I don't know what it is,and I'm really worried. The Stomach dots don't seem to be spreading but don' t seem to be going away. Then the penis rash seems to continuously spread and is starting to swell. What should I do, and what is it?
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look up eczema. That what it sounds like. Try Emu oil or over the counter creams like sarns. This is a condition that comes and goes seasonally. Sometimes it is triggered by things like sweat or certain foods. You will need to apply ointment two to three time a day.
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This could be dermatitis , eczema or allergic skin reaction to some unknown substance.

Are you allergic to any specific substances? Have you taken any medications for the lesions?

You should keep the areas clean, use a powder to keep the areas dry , use calamine lotion at the sites. Oral antihistamine medications would help if the lesions are itchy.

If your symptoms persist it would be best to consult a skin specialist because nothing can be said with surety without having a look at the lesions.

Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

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