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Red Irritation with bumps on penis
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Red Irritation with bumps on penis

Hi Doctor,
I've been suffering with a problem for roughly 7 months now.  I'm a 30 year old white male, a little bit overweight by about 15 pounds, but otherwise in good physical condition.  I'm also now in a monogomous relationship, but found out through the grape vine that an ex girlfriend had gotten an STD.  I'm not sure if it was before/during/after we were together, nor would she tell me if I asked.  I haven't had any STD tests since her either, which in hindsight, wasn't smart.  Those are soon to come.

I've had no problems in my genital region until this past October when I developed an itching and irritation on the area under the urethra opening.  That spot gets very irritated and has an angry reddish purple color to it along with bumps, which usually pop up in exactly the same spots each time right under the urethra opening.  I've been to two seperate urologists, who have diagnosed me originally with nothing, the second opinion diagnosed me with a yeast infection, treated me with creams that had hydrocortisone and Nystatin and the problem persists.  In fact, the two separate creams caused a chemical burn that was debilitating.  I had to put aloe on it and that's when I changed to boxer briefs to hold a make shift bandage in place with healing ointments.

After my penis scabbed up and the dead skin fell off from the chem burn, I found that changing from boxers to boxer/briefs prevented my penis from rubbing on my underwear seam on the boxers.  Additionally, I've started using Gold Bond medicated powder and it can literally alleviate me of any itching/irritating symptoms within 10-15 minutes after applicated, including turning the skin back to a normal pink/white color.  However, I believe that's like trying to put a bandaid on a bullet wound, since if I forget the powder or the area gets wet and the powder is removed, the irritation quickly turns the skin that angry red/purple and I get raised bumps under the urethra opening again, which quickly leave me in a lot of discomfort and unable to continue any physical activity.  Hence why I'm now 15lbs overweight.  I just can't do anything active anymore!  

These bumps and the irritation stay only on the underside of the penis and never rupture the skin, even though they appear as though they may.  The bumps are hard with a defined circle of inflamed tissue around them.  I feel more irritation after I urinate as well if the area is touched by any residual urine, which is tough to completely prevent and now that the summer season is almost here, I'm terrified of the pain I may have to endure with pools, sweaty weather or whatnot.  

Now here's the irony - sex with my fiancee does not cause any discomfort, orgasms are completely normal and it's almost as if the problem doesn't exist during sex.  After about an hour or two after sex though, I can feel a bit irritated, but it's very slight, unless I forget the powder.

I'm now scheduled for a dermotologist this week, since my urologists can't figure it out.  To try and isolate anything that may be causing the problem like allergies, I've started using Ivory soap and hypoallergenic detergent with still no decrease in symptoms.  I've even tried isolating different foods on different weeks with no help there as well.  My physical hygene is also excellent, even more so since this has started.

I'm sorry if this is lengthy, I wanted to be thorough so you could help me out.  Please give me suggestions to take to my doctors, maybe you've seen or read about something that may fit my symptoms.  Just please don't tell me this is in my head and not to think about it.  My head doesn't make up the color and texture of what's happening to my penis.
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I do understand that you are highly anxious about this. This sounds like a dermatitis. I am thinking of contact dermatitis along this line.

As this is related to your post, may I ask if you are circumcised?

Do you have any known allergies?

A differential will be a balanitis. A balanitis is not necessarily a sexually trasmitted disease. It may be due to an underlying bacterial or fungal infection. Mechanical trauma may lead to a dermatitis as well as psoriatic balanitis. Have you been assessed along this line?

Dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease and there is no definite treatment. An overlying fungal or bacterial infection may be present which may only aggravate the condition. You may need oral medications for this.

Pat the area dry and do not rub. After urination, wash the area with a mild and bland cleanser such as Cetaphil. This is less abrasive than soaps.

This does not sound like an infection. However, infections still need to be ruled out. A urinalysis and urine culture as well as blood tests may be necessary.
I've never had allergies and I'm circumsized.  Both urologists were taking urine samples during the worst points of what I've faced with negative results for whatever their analysis was searching for.  I think you're right about blood testing, but when I go, I need to tell them why I'm there, rather than sound like a hypochondriac screaming, "test my blood!"

As far as soaps, at my fiancee's insistance, I'd been using her feminine allergenic summer's eve shower soap, which was milder, but had no positive end results.  I tried that for a week.  

The last thing I'd mention is that I tried wrapping my penis with guaze with bacitracin pain relief and that still had no good effect.  Basically, whenever the skin is moist, the problem persists with a vengence.
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