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Red Meatus

Hello Doctor,
I am a married male and had unprotected sex on the road with another married female. This was 7-8 weeks ago. Since thne the guilt and stress I have caused myself is frankly unbelievable.
I have been looking at my penis and am finding out a few things.
Number one the skin very close to the opening and bottem of opeening, i think it is called the meatus, is red, not irritate at all, but red. I asked a friend of mine who is a nurse about this and she was saying that since there is alot of water down there that is probobly what it is. I have been reading up on STD's and have learned that there is alot of times that there is no visable symptoms.  I have no discharge, no leasons , no bumbs, no pain when erected, no pain or burining when urinating,..  just a red meatus that seems to get redder after masterbation (masturbation). I have tried hydrocourtozone but sometimes a slight sensation in the opening(where I think the lotion gets in).
Is that red around the meatus considered "crusting" if not could you tell me what crusting  is.
Is is uncommon to have red skin right at the bottem of where the urine and seamon comes out..
Is it common for men not to have symptoms of STD, I always thought men would always know if they had it(burning sensation when urinating or sores on the penis)
Is there a way to get STD tests done by mail these days, I see HIV tests in the drug store, not sure if others can be done..
I really dont want to go to the family dr.. But understand I might.

Thanks again for your opinion based on the information I just gave you
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The meatus (opening) of the penis often looks a bit red, especially if it's somewhat irritated, as it would be if you keep examining it.  I doubt that you have an STD, but you ought to get yourself examined, just for piece of mind.  Perhaps there is an STD clinic in your town, or nearby.  I think you should look into that, just so you can find out where you stand and move on.  Meantime, don't look or rub too hard.  ("Crusting," by the way, refers to a scab, which doesn't sound like what you describe.)


Dr. Rockoff
Thanks Dr...
I feel much better now.
I was really hoping to get an answer about no symptoms of a STD..
That goes against everything I thought I knew on that...
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