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Red Rash around body and neck
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Red Rash around body and neck


I have a splotchy rash around my neck and body. It started with a single red circlular rash which a couple of weeks later developed into sores on my back, around my neck and shoulders and on my abdomon. Some of the rashes are circular, the other spots are just sores about 1cm in diameter, the largest is about an inch and the smallest about half a cm. they are slightly risen and i have had the rash in total for about a month now. they arent extremely itch but everynow and then one will be, i find parts of my body without the sores (buttox, legs, groin) are the more itchy parts.
At first i thought it may be ringworm but now im not to sure, just bout a tinea cream a few days ago, not doing much besides making a few of the older sores fade slightly. any suggestions apart from go to a GP as i have no insurance because i am overseas, if someone thinks this is serious enough i can go to a gp but i want to try something else for a couple more weeks.

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This could be allergic reactions to unknown substances, skin hypersensitivity, eczema, dermatitis or sun rash. A clinical examination would be required to rule out bacterial infection, fungal infection or tinea.

What is your age?

Do you notice the lesions trigerred in response to a specific stimulus like sun exposure, some substance related to your work place?

You should try to keep the area dry and clean. Try some powder to absorb the sweat.

Apply calamine lotion at the site and take some oral antihistamine medications for your complaints.

If the symptoms are still persistent, consult your dermatologist and get a proper clinical evaluation done.

Let us know if you have any doubts and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Good luck.
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