Red bumpy itchy rash from Mexico
by wilfred, Apr 27, 2008
I just came back from Mexico and I have this itch, redish and bumpy rash on my arms, fingers, legs, I would say all over my body. It was hot while I was there. I am not sure if it has to do with the detergents that the hotels uses for laundry. I have had it for a week now. Help.
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Apr 27, 2008

A generalized rash may be due to an allergic reaction, a sweat rash or miliaria, a contact or allergic dermatitis. I suggest you have this assessed by a dermatologist. This may need topical and oral medications .The underlying triggers also need to be noted.

What aggravates the rash? Is the rash red and  itchy ?

What relieves it?

Are you currently taking any medications for the rash?
by Dan90, May 20, 2008
I also came back from mexico a month ago and about once a week now I am getting these bumpy raised mosquito looking spots on my lower back, butt, and recently upper left arm and they are itchy. They come at night and are gone by the morning. Any idea???
by ANDIE21, Apr 24, 2009
this *****....i juss came back from mexico ten days ago. Now i also have tiny misquito/small hive looking bumps some clustered together and some spread out.i dont know if mexico had anything to do with it but i looked up EVERYTHING... it started on the back of my upper left arm, now...its on my right and on my elbows upper thighs front and back and evryday its getting itches like a biotch and they're ugly!!! i wanna cry
by martha30, Jul 24, 2009
i went camping on sunday and by monday morning  i hade a small rash on my stomach now it has gotten worse it all over the back of my upper left leg and it itches alot they are small reddis bumps
by carole1, Oct 25, 2009
I just got back from Playa del Carmen and I started to get an itchy rash in the airport on the way home.  Now it is red and bumpy and itchy on my left forearm.  I did go scuba diving.  Could there be a connection?
by uuu748, Oct 25, 2009
lots of questions, few answers on this site. what ****
by PixieSpice, Mar 24, 2010
I found this while looking for answers on my own mystery rash from the knees down.  I was snorkeling in Cozumel right before the rash appeared.

"This is my first note, it's more of a warning for not-so-savvy tourists. The first day we arrived in Playa del Carmen we couldn't wait to go swimming but when we got to the beach we noticed that there were a ton of people sitting on the beach but not too many swimming. We went swimming anyways. When we were in the water we noticed hundreds of little tiny jellyfish-like creatures. They looked like little thimbles. Anyways we had a blast, went home and woke up in the morning cooooovvvered in a rash, mysteriously, only in places like armpits, inside of the elbow, knee, groin etc.... We asked the locals and they said it was "agua male" and that the little jellyfish were laying eggs, and that the larvae somehow got into our skin. I can tell you, it was a very painful 3 days (the first 3 days were the worst, but the rash lasted a week). The first day we were veritably debilitated from the pain, however the locals told us to rub freshly cut aloe stems from an aloe plant on the sore spots, and that seemed to hurry the recovery as well as provide some momentary relief. Anyways, as a word of caution, beware the agua male!

Update: I have found out that this is a medical condition caused by the "thimble jellyfish" and it's called Seabathers Eruption. "
by Mexiconbumps, Jan 07, 2012
2 days after returning form a cruise to Mexico I started to develope blisters and itchy bumps on both my arms from the elbows all the way out to the ends of my fingers.  I have over 40 of these blister/bumps on my arms/hands/a few on my face and neck.  I thought it was parisites at home and steamed floors/washed and cheched for fleas/bed bugs etc and nothing.  Then my Mom called (we went togethter) from NC (I live in OH) and now she is developing these blisters on the back of her hands! 8 days after returning!  We did not go in the water ..just waded a little one day.  I know on board the ship they were dousing you with antibacterial gel every time you went in or out of a room or ate etc.  HELP!!
by esaus, Dec 16, 2013
my daughter had them the last day and now i have them a few days later from mexico. my doctor said they were sand flea bites and to use polysporin. im getting more even now that im home so im going to the doctors again today.