Red rash on scrotum
by Bayboy, Jan 08, 2005
Dear Doc,

About a month ago I had protected sex and within 48 hours aquired a red rash on my front section of my scrotum.  The rash is bright red, covers most of the scrotum, and does not itch.  I recently was seen by two general Prac Doctors which diagnosed this condition as possibly fungal.  I have been perscribed Clotrimazole and Flucimonide (0.05) creams.  I have been utilizing these medications for aprox 8 days now with no change at all in this condition. Secondly, in the last 10 days I have seen a very very tiny pimple like area on my penis shaft.  I have tried to scape it to see if the white head may come off, but it seems that no scratching will unlodge the rasied area.

Do you believe this could be Herpies or another STD?


by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Jan 08, 2005
I doubt it.  I also doubt it's a fungus.  It's probably just irritation (and more recently a clogged pore.)  The cream you were prescribed has a strong steroid in it, and an antifungal I doubt you need.  My advice is to use nothing stronger than over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone twice a day, to leave the area otherwise alone, and to show the rash to a doctor in 3 weeks if it's still there.


Dr. Rockoff
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by Bayboy, Jan 09, 2005

Thank you for your advise.

An update, today a raised red sore (sesitive to the touch) appeared on my left inner thigh.  Secondly, I have had some ezema on my chest and other areas in my past history, but today I checked my chest and I had a rather large rash.

I have scheduled a appointment with a Dr.  Any new advise, I read that these three conditions could be are possible inital signes for HIV?

Thank you.

by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Jan 10, 2005
They're very common in people who don't have HIV too.

Glad you have an appointment scheduled.

Dr. Rockoff
by lib-tech, Jan 24, 2005
I have somewhat the same symptoms, I have a red rash on my scrotum and it has moved up my penis. It has also appeared where the shaft meets the head. I had suspected the rash originated from shaving my scrotum, could this be possible? I've scheduled an appointment with my doctor already, I would just like to have a second opinion. Thanks.
by johnnyboy04, Mar 30, 2008
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by ZiB123, Jan 27, 2011
I have the same condition where tiny pimple looking things have started to apear on my shalf where the shalt meets the head. Its ver itchy and seems to b spreading...just want to know if it is bad?