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Retin-A or Differin??
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Retin-A or Differin??

I have been using Retin-A micro .04, for over 2 years now, yet recently have grown concerned over its ability to increase sun sensitivity. As a result, I have switched to Differin, which I've been told does not contain such side effects.
Is this true? Is Differin better in terms of protecting the skin from photosensitivity, or is the effects of Retin-A micro (in increasing photosensitivity)a minor one; meaning, it is an exaggerated concern and should not be taken too seriously.
Further, I am practically an introvert, and do not venture out much, the most exposure I get to the sun is the 10 minute walks to the train every morning, and the indirect exposure of sunlight (through windows) in class during midday--should I be so concerned to switch to Differin permanently, or is it okay to simply stick with what I have already been long adjusted to-the Retin-A micro 0.04 gel.
Lastly, I wish to just add that I am not one to apply sunscreen during the day as I have mentioned I do not venture out much and also it tends to render my face to appear oilier than it already does.

Thank You.
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There isn't much likelihood of getting sun sensitivity from either Retin-A or Differin.  If you are going to have minimal sun exposure, it doesn't matter much either way.  If you will be in the sun for longer times, sun protection (SPF 30) should minimize sensitivity to a satisfactory extent.


Dr. Rockoff
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