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I also get these blisters and the doctor says it is stress. I dont believe what they say because my wife now has them on her hands and feet and so do my kids. It is contagious, at least in my house, I have had to spray down the showers in my house with bleach after each use as a step to help stop the spreading.  It seems to be helping, but not for sure, as anyone who gets them knows they come and go. They also are very deep, they go many layers under the skin and that is what causes the itching and burning, your skin is irritated. I have learned to do the same of letting them run thier course, depending on how bad of a breakout I get depends on long it takes to let them heal and go away its best to just take a shower and let them dry out and do not apply lotion even though your skin is really dry from them until you know the break out is almost over. after that lotion can be applied without the irritation, and helps with the healing to get you areas of breakouts back to normal.  I dont understand how they cannot diagnose this problem. apparently if all of us have these how can they not be contagious. I have tried many topical creams and they are no help. I only wish someone could give us an answer.

This discussion is related to small, subdermal 'blisters'.
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Looking at the strange problem your family has, the thing which comes to my mind, is infection, toxic chemicals and an entity called pompholyx.

As youalready pointed out, infection must be ruled out. However, i would like to investigate further and find out if there were some toxic substances which may be on some objects which all of you have a regular contact with. This could well indeed be the bleach in toxic proportions used all over the house.

Pompholyx, though the caues is unknown, could be another cause.however, there are very good treatments which may be available for this condition.

Please get this reexamined and diagnosed by a doctor and keep us posted. Keep the area clean and hygienic and avoid contact with any toxic chemicals.

Keep us posted and let us know if you may need any more information.

Best regards
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This is in response to the many people out there with the same thing,
I have suffered at the hand of these blisters for 16 years, and have outbreaks from 1 or 2 on my fingers to many hundreds on the souls of my feet to the point my entire soft soul of my feet where covered in them, at the time I put the bad outbreak down to being homeless and put it down to not changing my socks as often as I did,
I have had very small outbreaks of 1 and 2 here and there but when I separated from a partner in 2000 I got them again but not as bad small patches of 20 or 30, and right now as I am having problems at home I have started to get another flair up of them, it started with about 10 or so in a very small group, which people with this know is the worst kind of flair up as it make 1 big blister which is not only itchy as hell but tender to the touch, this is what alerted me that they where back when I pressed the space bar, I have never had it in my mouth and have burst many of the ones on my hands with my teeth, and after you put up with pain of now having holes in your fingers as lets face it when they are popped it leave a deep hole for such a small blister, it dries up in an hour and within 2 days its gone, but if left unpopped it gets bigger and joins with its friends to make a bigger one :(
At the moment it is affecting my Middle finger on my left hand and Thumb on my right hand, I am 99.99% sure in my case this is brought on by stress,
but the origin of it being "Sub dermal Eczema or Dermatitis"  is ****... why do I know this
I gave it to my step dad after I put on his slippers to go outside then when I got back he took them from me and put them on straight away and within a week he had the same blisters, and not having them before or being blood related in any way the ONLY way he could have got them was from me....
Clearly the medical profession doesn't give a rats *** about this unless one of the senior medical staff end up with it then look into its causes and also if it is infectious, I have had 3 doctors tell me its Dermatitis, Eczema and an allergy and as far as food being a cause, I did a detox diet for 3 weeks of eating Juice of Carrot, Tomatoes and oranges and it didn't make a blind bit of difference to my blisters one way or the other,
I have lived with this much longer than most people here and have noticed it mainly through stressful times, either by my immune system being low or the stress itself increases the outbursts but I do believe that this is CONTAGIOUS!!!!
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